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Sign Metanla ≫ The Odun in which it is Taboo whistling at the door of the house

Odun metanla
  1. In Metanla no false promises are made nor are the Orishas invoked in the face of banalities.
  2. The santero who governs under the odun Metanla must respect and venerate orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá.
  3. It is forbidden to fight with compadres and brothers of religion, through this odun the bonds created before God are respected and the advice of the elderly, who have great experience in life, is listened to.
  4. Any religious who possesses Metanla must have special respect for the descendants of Oshun, with which it is necessary to avoid lawsuits so as not to incur disrespect with the deity who owns the honey.
  5. Holy herbs are not collected after sunset because they no longer have the spiritual energy that the sun gives them.

Other Tips marked by the Metanla Sign that must be respected:

Odun Metanla Tips

Respect and attention to the Saints

Under this letter the religious should not whistle at the door of the house because with this action he scares the iré and the unfolding of his life. The person involved is exhorted to be careful with his saints and to attend to them properly.

Be a good example

The santero who possesses this odun must be a good example for his children, he must be a good husband, a good son, a good friend and a good religious.

In Metanla you must be careful with your children and not leave them under the care of strangers.añas that they could dañar their physical and mental integrity.

It is forbidden to banish children from the home, who could suffer needs far from their native home.

Beware of the gaps and the rain

No holes are made in the house or jumped in the street as this act is considered a magnet to attract osogbos and bad fortune.

It is taboo to get wet with rainwater since this action is synonymous with the contagion of diseases and spiritual ailments.

Act with morality and caution to avoid osogbos

It is precious to be of integrity and not steal, it is recommended not to eat food that is too hot, do not drink alcoholic beverages or carry objects on the head.

It is advisable to take extreme hygiene measures and not to use other people's cleaning products.

If the person holds management positions, they are prohibited from having romantic relationships with subordinate employees as this will cause serious damage in the long run.

It is forbidden to wear blue garments or that have striped patterns as they will cause serious harm to the person.

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