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The Odun Obara Iroso: Your enemy wonders how you have survived

Odun Obara Iroso
  • The cashew was born in the odun Obara Iroso.

Ifá sign where everyone wondered how the fruit could change color, reaching shades from green, yellow, orange and red indistinctly.

The same happens with you, your enemies wonder how you have survived the adversities of destiny and how despite everything you are still happy.

This is a sign where the person is envied and observed.

The religious governed by this letter is prohibited:

  • Tell your secrets and
  • share your plans with people outside your closest circle,

This is because the bad thoughts of those around you will not cease to wish you frustration and failure.

In this odun of Obara Iroso distrusting you earn more

Ifá says that you cannot harbor hatred or malevolence in your heart, but you must live aware that everyone is not governed by the same principles or has good intention.

In this mistrusting odun you earn more, never feel alone or with few friends, think that the ones you have are the ones that are worth it and the ones that have shown you to be there for you in good times and in bad times.

When you are alone and feel in need of a friend, talk to your Eggunes and Orishas, ​​who will be your best advisers.

Pride, disobedience and indiscretion are the downfall of Obara Iroso

Obara Iroso's osogbos are:

  • The arrogance,
  • disobedience and
  • indiscretion.

Stay away from these behaviors so that your plans are not twisted and you always receive the blessing of your Orishas.

Strive to get ahead and never sit idly by watching life pass you by without acting.

In this Ifá Orula invites the person to:

  • Do not give up and fight until you see your dreams come true,
  • be persistent because as the saying goes "who perseveres wins".

Obara Iroso has to be clear about his objectives

The religious ruled by the odun Obara Iroso has to be clear about his objectives, he cannot change his criteria from time to time because in this way he will not get anywhere.

It is necessary that you meditate on your decisions before they are made, so that later you do not regret the consequences that will come with them.

Obara Iroso is an enemy of impulsiveness and recklessness.

Respect the Rule of Palo Mayombe and Quimbisa

Attend to your spiritual picture so that your Eggunes have more strength and clarity, respect the Mayombe stick Rule and the Quimbisa.

In this sign the different branches of the Yoruba religion were born on earth.

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