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What does the odun Obara Iwori say? Success is found in honest work

Odun Obara Iwori

Obara Iwori is an odun of great spirituality, in this letter the person achieves stability through religion.

Orula brand receive the warrior Orishas, ​​the cofa and later crown Osha to:

  • a good health,
  • seat,
  • repose,
  • long life and
  • expiration of causes and difficulties.

Success in this sign is found in honest work and willpower, because even though the person has Ashé, they will not achieve anything if they are not capable of sacrificing themselves for their dreams.

Respect your elders and value those who love you well

You must learn to listen to the advice offered by people who love you well, because they will never wish you harm.

Respect your elders and value those who have put aside their tastes and their life to help you make your dreams come true, because these people are your true friends.

In this sign:

  • Loyalty and fraternity are sacred, because here the true value of friendship was born.

Elegguá is an unconditional bastion in the life of Obara Iwori

The orisha Elegguá is an unconditional bastion in the life of Obara Iwori.

This deity watches over you since you were in your mother's womb, you must take hold of him to emerge victorious from the battles and misadventures that life will put in your way.

  • Pay attention to Eshú and always keep him in a special place in your heart.

In this Ifá a party is held every year Orisha ELEGUÁ. in the portal of the ilé so that good luck and development will never be lacking.

Respect your parents and show them obedience

You have always had the desire to live alone because you are an independent person, but to achieve this conquest you must work and make your own money.

Do not put up with mistreatment or negative actions towards your person, in the place where you are not well received, do not go anymore and thus you will avoid unpleasantness.

Respect your parents and show them obedience, even if you don't share their opinions.

Take care and love your family because in the warmth of home is where the best memories are forged and where the happiest moments are lived.

Be selective when selecting your circle of friends

In the Odun Obara Iwori avoid bad company so that your reputation is not tarnished by acts that you would not commit.

When selecting your circle of friends be selective, so that it is not stained by:

  • Envy and gossip.

You were born to be a leader and not to live in anonymity, because the Orishas rewarded you with intelligence and fluidity to communicate with the audience.

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