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The Eggunes are the main support of Obara Meyi. What does this odun say?

Odun Obarameji

The Eggunes are the main support of the Obara Meyi odun.

In this sign many of your spirits (Eggunes) have peasant ancestry, you must attend to these ancestral spiritualities so that light and progress always accompany you.

Set up a spiritual vault in your home and direct on it a special assistance to the family dead who are valid within your spiritual framework.

The Odun Obara Meyi is the Ifá where they were created:

  • Umbrellas and
  • the flags.

The first objects protected man from the sun and rain, while the second gave each country its supremacy.

In this sign the religious can use the flags to complete the ebbó that he performs.

Insecurity and betrayal are the osogbos of Obara Meyi

This is a letter where the person is independent and does not like to take orders from anyone.

The religious has a changing character and on many occasions he does not even know what the final verdict of his own decisions will be.

  • Insecurity and betrayal are the great osogbos of Obara Meyi, because of these defects the person is lost.

Before judging make sure you have had enough evidence to do so

You must be careful when sentencing someone because you can rush into making that decision, before judging make sure you have had enough evidence to do so.

On some occasions you have rushed acting impulsively, a fact that years later has been a source of disgust for you.

Marriage is one of the pillars in the life of Obara Meyi

Take care of your relationship so that you can share your life with the person you love.

Turn a deaf ear to malicious comments that are made with the purpose of affecting you, do not allow gossip and envy to embitter your existence.

Do not harbor hatred or resentment in your heart

The Orishas and Eggunes will allow you to achieve that dream for which you have sacrificed so much, be obedient and do not incur faults so that your luck does not go wrong and the blessings you deserve to receive come your way.

In this odun when the person does not use intelligence suffers great tragedies.

Do not harbor hatred or resentment in your heart, withdraw from those who harm you and you will feel happier.

You were born to be a great spiritualist

Obara Meyi is the letter where the spirit for the first time manifests itself on earth through a living.

You were born to be a great spiritist, work in the spiritual field and you will have excellent results.

In this Ifá the truth is worshiped and lies are put aside.

don't stop for meañaWhatever you can do today, you will be prosperous on earth through the mediation of the Orishas and the spirits.

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