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2 Works by Obara Odi: where Yemayá and Shangó unite and are invincible

Odun Obara Odi

Shangó is one of the Orishas Obara Odi's protectors.

1. Work in the name of Shangó to open paths

In this sign, the religious must place a hand of Indian bananas on the tray to the Orisha who owns the candle, which he will tie with a red ribbon to which he will make six knots.

This work is done to obtain:

  • a good health,
  • seat,
  • rest and
  • long life on the earth plane.

When the religious pursues the objectives of finding prosperity and financial development, he must:

  1. Añadir to the ritual corojo butter on the bananas,
  2. to which he will then sprinkle smoked fish, corn and hutia,
  3. After the hand of bananas has finished ripening, it is taken to the foot of a ceiba tree, where the ceremony ends.

2. When the religious wishes to win a war, he must:

  • Place Shangó in front of the door of his house for six days and from that new position attend to him,
  • blow him dry wine,
  • light two candles
  • place a bouquet of Santa Barbara swords.

Tips and Warnings from the Odun Obara Odi

Shangó was the Orisha who removed the arayé and the bear from the life of Obara Odi

Ifá says that Shangó was the Orisha who removed the arayé (problems) and the bear from the life of Obara Odi, so the religious owes respect to this deity.

You must rely on this Orisha, because Shangó will be the defender of Obara Odi, this deity will make each of the wars that arise in the life of the religious his own.

In the odun Obara Odi the individual's preference for gold teeth and physical attraction to corpulent people is born.

In this Ifá, special attention should be paid to raising children, so that they do not take a wrong course in life and end up getting lost.

In this letter Yemayá and Shangó joined becoming invincible on the Yoruba land.

Orula gave humanity in Obara Odi the light of day

You must perform the ebbo that marks the letter of the year every twelve months so that good fortune and prosperity continue to come to your life.

Orula gave humanity in this odun the light of day, so that animals, plants and men could enjoy the heat and rays of the sun.

This letter predicts prosperity, but for success to come into your life, the person must know how to overcome the darkness that surrounds him.

Ifá invites you to reflect before acting, so that your projects come to fruition.

It is taboo in Obara Odi trade with the body.

You must be selective when selecting your friends, share your time with people related to your interests, so that in the future you are not dragged down by making bad decisions within a group.

In this sign, success is achieved when you are constant.

You must respect the horses and avoid riding such animals, bicycles and motorcycles.

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