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What marks the Odun Obara Ofun? The one who does wrong, suffering ends

Odun Obara Ofun

Obara Ofun is an odun in which the religious must be disciplined and constant to achieve their goals.

This letter warns:

  • The need to rest after eating food.
  • You should not go to bed after eating large meals to avoid the appearance of gastrointestinal disorders.

Respect the schedules and do not fail to comply with the warnings that the Orishas and the science of the white coat have given you so that your health is not in danger.

The religious moves away from his family because of a brother

In this Ifá the religious moves away from his family because of a brother.

You should try to reach an agreement with your loved ones, because in the early communication of discrepancies and events that bother you may be the solution to what ails you.

Avoid breaches with your elders and respect those around you so that you can demand retribution in this aspect of life.

Obara Ofun has not felt loved or respected by his family

Orula says that:

  • When you decide to form a family, you should offer your children the same spiritually and materially so that they do not grow up feeling jealous of each other.

In this odun the person in many circumstances has not felt loved or respected by his family, a situation that causes sadness and pain.

You have the blessing of Olofin, the Orishas and the saints because the great Oracle of Ifá ensures that a great heart beats within you.

In the not too distant future you will be the one who saves your family and who provides your parents with a safe and comfortable old age.

Obara Ofun is a sign in which respect is owed to Obatala

Maferefun Obatalá in Obara Ofun, protective deity of:

  • The intelligence,
  • the thoughts and
  • the tranquility.

When in this Ifá Baba gets upset, he makes the ground shake, causing the person to become destabilized in every way.

Obatalá, the Orisha who owns all heads should not be challenged because the offenses committed against him will be paid dearly. 

Obara Ofun is an odun in which respect is due to Obatalá and to all people who comb gray hair.

Through this letter Baba wants to receive a gift from the religious that consists of being prudent and not doing bad deeds to anyone, because:

He who does wrong, suffering ends.

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