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What does Obara Ogunda say? Be loyal and when you are missing the difference will be noticed

Odun Obara Ogunda

Brotherhood and fraternal affection were born in the odun Obara Ogunda.

Ifá says that In your family you will find unconditional support and many blessings.

  • Staying together under one roof, the family will be indestructible.
  • Discuss your problems so that together you are able to find better solutions.

In this letter the person is not helpless in the world, which is why they should not face adversity alone.

you have been engañado and for this reason he has felt mocked

In this odun you have been engañado and for this reason you have felt mocked, do not worry that divine justice, although later, will fall on those who have harmed you unnecessarily.

You have noticed a more prominent part of the body or the presence of some minor physical defect, do not be scared that this has happened because the Orishas have identified it in this way as their son to be able to distinguish it more quickly on earth.

Respect and venerate Shangó since this Orisha will be your protector

Do not raise other people's children, nor assume responsibilities that do not correspond to you because ingratitude will be the payment for your good deeds.

Respect and revere Shangó, since this Orisha will be his protector and who provides everything on the earth plane.

Stand on him to emerge victorious from each war you face and go safely to the battlefield because your steps will be guided by Kawó Silé.

In this Ifá the swan passes over the mud and does not get muddy

Odun where the swan passes over the mud and does not get muddy, so it will happen to you, when the enemy wishes to dañar your image with gossip you with your good deeds will make it clear who is who.

The person governed under this letter can never be accused of acts that he has not committed because the evidence that exonerates him will be clear and convincing.

Obara Ogunda has to give himself importance and assert himself

In order for Obara Ogunda to succeed in life, he must give himself importance and assert himself, but for this to happen, the person must first be well prepared.

Therefore, it is recommended that you educate yourself because the future is uncertain and many job opportunities may arise even outside your native country.

In matters of the heart, never be the one to go after the other person, let yourself be extrañary always be loyal so that the day you are gone the difference is noticed. 

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