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What brand Obara Okana? Respect Shango and misfortune will not come

Odun Obara Okana

Respect Shango so that the fire of misfortune never burns him.

Obara Okana is a sign where the religious owes respect and devotion to the orisha Shango.

The individual must know how to listen and interpret the advice given by the deity that owns the candle, so that the fire of misfortune never burns him.

When the religious is at war he must play a tambourine to Shango so that he can defeat the enemies.

In this Ifá, Orula can never lack the yam, because this tuber will bail out a man when he least imagines it.

Violence and impulsiveness will get Obara Okana nowhere

Violence and impulsiveness will not lead to anything the religious ruled under the odun Obara Okana.

In this sign the man is engañado and when he discovers the betrayal of his fellow men he wants to make them pay for the fault with their own hands.

Ifá says that you cannot stain his hands with human blood because he will pay for this in jail, condemning himself to lose a large part of his youth in payment for an action that could have been avoided.

In this Ifá Oyá Yansa protects the person

You must be very clear about what you want, so that you do not despair taking a wrong direction, in which you will not really be happy.

Make ebbó with your saved money to restore your health and prosperity.

In this Ifá Oyá Yansa protects the person and is in charge of destroying all the osogbos that torment him, leaving the way clear to:

  • Good luck,
  • peace and
  • the tranquility so that they flood the life of the human being.

Great challenges await Obara Okana

In this sign, so that the person does not receive bad thoughts while sleeping, they should cover their head with a white scarf or cap.

The person ruled under this sign will have to pass great tests while he lives, but with the favor of the Orishas he will be victorious most of the time.

Respect Shango and your children and you will be successful in life

Be obedient and learn to listen to the advice given by the Orishas, ​​because in this odun disobedience pays dearly.

  • Respect Shango and his children. Before doing anything religious to a descendant of this Orisha, ask your guardian angel so that you do not incur religious disrespect.

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