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What brand Odi Iroso? Man must work his way with his hands

Odun Odi Iroso

Odi Iroso is an Ifa odun where learning is everything.

In this letter, the greatest percentage to achieve victory is in the hands of the religious and in the effort he puts into fighting for what he wants.

The owner is the best guardian of his business

No one will look out for your best interests better than yourself.

In Odi Iroso the man must inspect his business so that everything goes well, the same applies to the house.

The father of the family must be aware of what is happening under his roof in order to be able to find more accurate solutions to his problems.

You can never leave issues that involve you out of hand, because without your supervision the desired results will not be obtained and this phenomenon will cause you disgust and losses.

Good help receives the one who helps himself

The best help that a human being can receive will come from his own person, since there is no better comrade than the willpower to achieve what is desired.

Ifá says that if you do your part, you will achieve your goals and go far, on the contrary, if you sit idly by, development will never knock on your door.

Fighting for yourself is the best medicine

  • Dreams are only achieved if you fight for them.

The sacrifice and the effort that is put into today's work will be the fruits that will be gathered later in the harvest.

The best way to guarantee a more prosperous future is to fight to change the present.

All that glitters is not gold

Ifá says, all that glitters is not gold.

Odi Iroso is an odun where the person sins by being trusting, in this letter the religious cannot give his heart to anyone, because he will end up disappointed.

All the people who will come into your life will not come with good intentions, you must remain vigilant and not be fooled.añar with false appearances.

Whoever wants their trust and affection must know how to earn it.

After birth, experience in life is acquired

When the human being arrives in the world, he is innocent and with the passage of the years he is acquiring maturity.

With the blows of destiny, man is forging his character and learning, until in adulthood he acquires the experience that he lacked in youth, with which he can seek better solutions in the face of adversity.

The most effective consolation to overcome failure and the fervent joy to celebrate a victory.

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