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What does the odun Odi Meyi mark? The enemy is not directly confronted

Odun Odi Meji

Odi Meyi is an odun created by Ifá where intelligence displaces brute force.

In this letter, the enemies do not face each other directly, because since they are powerful people, a way must be found to find a solution that displaces the open declaration of war for diplomacy, because by acting impulsively, man loses.

You may regret your actions, but you will have to bear the consequences

Odi Meyi is an odun where the religious must carefully meditate on their actions because once they are executed there will be no going back.

In this sign, the person cannot act impulsively because by not measuring the impact of their decisions, they will end up regretting it.

Ifá says that Odi Meyi is a letter:

  • In which the religious must take time before giving his last word because being carried away by first impressions can result in failure.

The ants tried to devour the rock, but they did not succeed

  • The ants represent Odi Meyi.

This odun speaks of a hardworking person who has sacrificed to achieve what he has.

Orula says that you cannot undertake battles that you know in advance that you will lose, because in this Ifá the ant was trying to cross the forest and in the middle of the road a large rock blocked its path.

As the stone was very large, he did not listen to the ant, which insistently asked him to get away from the path.

The ant, furious at not being heard, tried unsuccessfully to devour the rock, being confined to spend the night in the same place.

The ant went to see Orunmila who advised him not to face the enemy if he was superior to her and instead choose another strategy that would allow him to achieve his objective.

to the mañaNext, the ant who had internalized Orula's words used the rock as a bridge to pass to the other hemisphere of the forest. 

In the same way man must act in the face of adversity, using intelligence to even in the most unfortunate moments find a way not to be defeated.

He who says slander about other people lowers his prestige

  • Slander is the downfall of the human being in the odun of Ifa Odi Meji.

Letter in which the man gets to stain his good name in order to discredit other people.

Well, when speaking out against these using lies as an argument, he is exposed, acquiring a reputation as a liar and hinting that he does not have good intentions with that person.

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