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What does Odun Ofun Ogunda warn us? The spirit of Ifá is immortal

Odun Ofun Ogunda

The pataki relates that Shango was a recognized Ifá priestOne day, unsatisfied with what Ifá had given him, he took a knife and broke the receptacle in two.

The spirit of Ifá annoying but tanned with the wisdom of the years replied:

Shango you have tried to kill me, but I am immortal and from now on I will live in the nuts of the Obinita tree, in the mango, in the leather of the crocodile and in the shell of the jicotea.

The Orishas come into your life to give you health, peace and tranquility

In the odun Ofun Ogunda the religious must be very clear when carrying out any type of consecration so that in the future he does not commit the lack of respect of leaving Orula aside.

The person governed by this sign:

  • You must understand that the Orishas come into your life to give you health, peace and tranquility and that despite the fact that ceremonies are made to accelerate or try to ensure that there are no obstacles in the person's destiny, only the goods that are be able to deserve.

In this sign the religious has the main task of establishing his priorities

Ifá represents the past, the present and the future of the human being, different times that follow the logical order of life and that are inviolable.

In this sign The main task of the religious is to be able to learn what the priorities of his life are, because if he does not make this clear he will not be able to advance anywhere.

Respect for the Orishas, ​​the egguns, nature, other human beings and for the person himself is of vital importance for life to take the course that corresponds to it.

In the odun Ofun Ogunda the religious owes respect to the jicotea

In Ofun Ogunda the religious owes respect to the jicotea, because yesterday the ayapa was responsible for Orula being able to meet the love of his life.

When this odun comes out on a mat, the individual is advised to buy a jicotea and keep it in his home so that love reaches his life in a stable way.


  • With the water in which the jicotea lives, effective cleaning can be done to purify the path of obstacles and sorcery. 

The conscience punishes the wrongdoer by making him suffer remorse

In Ofun Ogunda human consciousness was born.

Ifá says that under this odun when the person dies the soul of the benefactor rests, while that of the evildoer suffers bitter remorse.

Orula advises you:

  • Doing good in this world to which you come, you enjoy the satisfaction of having been a correct person and have nothing to reproach yourself for.

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