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Rituals and warnings of Ofun Otrupon: Be responsible to succeed

Odun Ofun Otrupon

The Odun Ofun Otrupon is the Ifá of the attack, where the mamey betrayed Shango, the king of fire.

In this letter the enemies conspire to destroy the plans of the religious.

It is one that marks betrayal, where false friends remain by your side out of interest and the day they can no longer obtain more benefits from you, they will leave you aside.

Orula says that:

In confidence is the danger.

Do not trust anyone so that your secrets and projects are not affected by the bad thoughts and intentions of envious people with whom you may be surrounded.

The betrayal persecutes the religious ruled by Ofun Otrupon

In this sign, enemies will come disguised as good intentions, so you must remain alert so that they do not surprise you unawares.

You cannot surround yourself with people who have a fluctuating character because in the long run they will betray you.

Beware of people with a reddish complexion, they will come into your life to take away your time, health, happiness and tranquility.

Religious governed under this odun are often industrious and energetic.

Other powerful tips from the sign:

  • You may not carry arms with you to avoid being involved in misfortune.
  • Do not curse your luck or lose faith so that you do not fall into misadventures.
  • It is taboo to be exposed to strong drafts and other inclement weather.

Ofun Otrupon marks ailments:

  • Cerebrovascular and
  • gastrointestinal.

Ifá recommends you to put white flowers in your house and perform lustral baths

The strength of the duck and the rooster emerged in this odun, prevailing over the other farmyard animals.

Ofun Otrupon brand lustral baths in search of development, rest, seat and long life on the earth plane with:

  • Basil,
  • gimp,
  • freshness and
  • bitter broom

Ifá recommends you to put white flowers in your house to purify the astrality of the home, so that the blessings that reach the ilé (home) materialize firmly.

When man acquires responsibility, he reaches everything in Ofun Otrupon

Greed is the defect that blinds the religious ruled by the odun Ofun Otrupon.

It is fine to have aspirations and ambitions, but what cannot happen is that because of this the person clouds his judgment and is only moved by material interest.

You must get a decent job for true stability to come into your life.

When Ofun Otrupon acquires responsibility, it reaches everything in life

The people around you look at you as a reserved person and because of your nobility they think you are stupid and what they don't know is that while they speculate and create false stories about your life, you stay in line for purposes.

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