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Odun Ogbe Irete Warnings Don't lose your way!

Odun Ogbe Irete

Oshun warns Ogbe Irete that she will keep him under her mantle so that he can triumph in life.

The Orisha is suspicious of the possibility that enemies will continually stalk her protégé, so he will be forced to use the power of intelligence to win.

His greatest enemy will always be a woman

Ifá sign that predicts the approach of a trip, in which development and luck will be sought in new lands.

The difficulties in your life will be mediated by a woman, who will seek to impose herself on you, trying to redirect your decisions at will.

Don't let anyone dissociate you and stay focused on achieving your goals.

Conflicts and misunderstandings in the odun Ogbe Irete

Ogbe Irete marks conflicts between close people and verbal and physical aggressions, which will unleash greater evils within the family and circle of friends.

These will be mediated by disrespect and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Ifá prohibits a man from raising his hand to a woman, because with this action he will denigrate himself as a human being.

Receive Orumila and the warriors for stability

This odun marks the religious to receive orunmila and the warrior Orishas to establish itself on the plane of the earth.

Ifá recommends you moderate your behavior and words when you are upset, because sometimes you say things that you do not really feel and hurt others around you.

Never forget that the Eggunes come first

In the odun Ogbe Irete mass is held for the deceased, attend Eggun and you'll get the support you need to succeed.

Some advices:

  • The religious must keep his head prayed so that Obatala put your hand on it and you can make better decisions.
  • This odun speaks of the loss of loved ones, which is why Orunmila recommends that you give care to your relatives in life, so that after your death you do not regret it.
  • Always respect all the Orishas equally, without leaving aside your guardian angel.
  • Learning to drive is your destination. On the day you do it, pay close attention to the road so that you do not suffer accidents, be careful with alcoholic beverages and keep discussions away from the wheel of the car.

Be a good son, a good father, and a good religious.

If their parents are deceased, take care of them and from time to time go to the cemetery to watch their grave and place flowers.

Be concerned about the needs of your children and above all listen to their concerns and problems, be a father or a mother present so that your children grow up guided by the path of good, because this is the first step to become a good religious.

The secret of success is in the proper functioning of the home.

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