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What You Didn't Know About Ogbe Iroso and 5 Powerful Tips for Life

Odun Ogbe Iroso

It is necessary in the odun Ogbe Iroso to respect the sea, since his family will be marked by the death of a loved one imprisoned in the depths of the ocean.

Under this letter, underwater activities such as underwater fishing and diving must be respected in the same way, as you will be prone to cramps, an event that will cause you anguish.

1. The enemies will be defeated with serenity and intelligence

  • In this odun the person develops clairvoyance.

Ifá warns you through this letter that your enemies will always be very close to you, but with the passage of time, with the help of the Orishas and intelligence, you will win the battles that lie ahead.

Take adversity with serenity and you will have the advantage of victory with you.

2. Leave no traces so they won't work or follow you

Leave no trace of your presence at work or around the house so that enemies cannot track you down.

Avoid working long hours on your feet so that your health is not affected by conditions related to blood circulation and deterioration of the spine.

3. Betrayal and envy haunt him

You are a person who will come to possess a lot of riches in life as long as you know how to make good decisions.

Beware of betrayal, because your person will be continually haunted by envy and curses.

Dedicate yourself to improving as a human being without worrying about the affairs of others and you will live happily and peacefully. 

4. Keep trusted secrets well so you don't suffer from hot flashes

Ogbe Iroso is an Ifá where taking care of yourself is important and for this you must start by taking an adequate and planned diet by schedules.

Never reveal the secrets that are entrusted to you to avoid disappointment and misunderstandings.

5. Orunmila and the Warriors will give you stability

Receive to orunmila and Warrior Orishas for stability to come into your life.

As you are a fortune teller you will discover through the eggunes his enemies during sleep.

Take care of suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, for this keep a close hygiene when handling food.

What you did not know about the odun Ogbe Iroso:

  • Shango for you will be a bulwark in your life, attend to this Orisha as he deserves and he will lead you on the path of success.

Probably in the future you will inherit this saint from a relative or related person.

  • Avoid getting wet with rainwater, as this will bring you misfortune.
  • Do not dismiss anyone who is in the middle of a fight, because you will be the one injured.

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