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5 Aspects of the Odun Ogbe Obara: The Enemy is defeated with patience

Odu Obara Ogbe

This is the odun of Ifá where the ivy lives attached to the wallIn this letter the person must be consistent with their actions to become long-lived.

Ifá warns of the threat of people who will try to take advantage of their work and live like a parasitic plant feeding on the sacrifice of others.

When a sick person is consulted and this sign appears, it is very likely that his days on earth are fulfilled and he must soon leave for the kingdom of the Savior.

1. Ogbe Obara is a good family man

In the Ogbe Obara odun the birds feed their chicks by caring for them with dedication.

Through this odun a person is described who is or will be an exemplary father, keep an eye on your children and if by chance of fate you must distance yourself from them, do not forget them or abandon them to their fate.

2. Yemayá, protective Orisha in the odun Ogbe Obara

Yemayá is one of the saints that protects when leaving this letter, because it considers you a beloved son.

The deity that lives in salt water states that:

  • A basin with water and indigo in which a cross made of jiba or cedar is inserted, is placed behind the door of the house in order to stop the entrance to the house of the osogbos.

3. Intelligence is the best weapon to defeat the enemy

Under this sign the person defeats enemies with intelligence and patience.

In the odun Ogbe Obara eloquence and the ability to direct the audience with the help of gestures was born.

The religious to whom this letter corresponds will have a prosperous path in the communication sector.

4. Hear the messages of the Eggunes

Ogbe Obara stands out for having a great affinity with spirits, those who communicate with you by speaking into your ear to give you instructions.

You will never be alone, because in the moments when you do not see anyone by your side they will be the Eggunes to support it.

5. Beware of abuses and abuses

This sign marks special care with personal safety, as it talks about the risk that the person runs of being abused, not only sexually, but also from a work point of view.

Being prone to developing activities that are outside of their work plan and being subjected to the theft of ideas.

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