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What does the odun Ogbe Odi tell us? To win you must adhere to religion

Odun Ogbe Odi

Ogbe Odi is an Ifa odun that speaks about religious consecrations so it is very likely that the individual will crown Osha at a given moment.

In this odun Elegguá the warrior Orisha He lives behind the door of the home, a spear is placed on him and he is treated with tobacco smoke and brandy there.

From his position, the holy owner of the roads will fight the curses that they wish to penetrate by breaking the peace of the ilé (house).

Three enemies plot revenge against him

In this letter orunmila He warns of the threat of three enemies, people who, said it was clarified, possess religious powers and meet to make spells and conspire against him.

You must take care of these people, because they have a revenge prepared for you to seal a misunderstanding of the past.

Give constructive and non-destructive criticism

Ifá recommends modifying the way you express yourself, since not all people will take good pleasure in the advice you offer them, especially if you use strong words to make it clear.

Turn all your suggestions into constructive and non-destructive criticism.

Pay a deserved honor to your Orishas in the odun Ogbe Odi

Make an offering to your Orishas whenever possible, never leave them unattended.

  • The ceremony of offering to Obatala Eight zapotes is born in this odun, which is carried out to ask for peace and intelligence.
  • Always keep happy Oshun Light your candles and put incense on it so that the queen of honey bees shines and is scented.

The person may be naked in public

In the Ogbe Odi odun, the person can be left naked in the street, either as a result of an assault or because their clothes are torn.

From this bad drink a person who is the daughter of Yemaya, who will provide you with a garment to cover yourself, helping you avoid embarrassment.

  • To prevent the above, do not wear clothes in poor condition.

In this letter the union of Oshún and Yemayá was born

Here the union of Oshún and Yemayá is born, therefore, when you place an addimú to Yemaya must offer the same to Oshun so that there is no jealousy and the two deities feel cared for equally.

When you work in the saint's room or in the spiritual field, do so using a half yellow and half blue scarf tied around the waist, so that both Orishas cover it with their blessing.

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