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7 of the secrets of odun Ogbe Ofun: Interpreting the wisdom of Ifá

Odun Ogbe Ofun

Ogbe Ofun is the favorite son of Obatala, Orisha greater and owner of intelligence and of all the heads of the world.

Under this odun the religious owes respect and obedience to Obatala, always keeping in mind that this saint will be an irreplaceable bulwark in your life.

1. Your spouse's luck will be yours

orunmila With this letter it predicts the arrival of marital problems, the result of the intervention of curses ruled by envious people who wish the evil of their family.

Do not give others the opportunity to participate in your life, thus avoiding gossip and misunderstandings.

Always keep in mind that your spouse's luck will be yours, work together to achieve the same goals and Orunmila will bless you.

Ifá says that you will live and enjoy good health to the extent that you are able to take care of your body and lead a life as healthy as possible.

Do physical exercises to prevent diseases such as high blood pressure from causing a dent in your circulatory system.

2. Respect Oyá Yansa, queen of the dead

In the same way that Obatalá constitutes a bulwark in his life, it is also Oyá Yansa the Orisha who commands the legions of the Eggunes riding on the sparks.

You were born with the gift of clairvoyance, so the spirits will send you warning messages through dreams.

3. The Taboos of Odun Ogbe Ofun

  • Breeding caged animals, mainly chickens and pigeons, is taboo in this sign.

Ogbe Ofun marks the protection of the family, where you represent the hen eager to protect all her chicks, so that no evil reaches them, neglecting her own person to guarantee the welfare of others.

4. Ifá where spiritual and material thefts are born

It is necessary that you feel motivated in the projects that you undertake, because if not, you will abandon them before they are finished.

In the odun Ogbe Ofun spiritual and material thefts were born, do not give the keys to your house, your head, or your deities to anyone, because with tricks they could affect you by modifying your position and the course of your destiny.

5. Secure your life in Osha-Ifá

For you to achieve your goals, you must surrender to Osha-Ifá, so the opportunities that come into your life will be presented with greater firmness.

In Ogbe Ofun the staff of Olofin was found on the mountain, a tool with which the great Orisha defeated Ikú (death).

6. Educate your children correctly so that they do not regret later.

Under this letter, the river gave life to the channel, remaining a prisoner of it, a proverb that warns about the importance of training children under the doctrines of good, detached from selfishness and self-sufficiency.

7. The cedar cross is a protection in Ogbe Ofun

Avoid slavery of any kind, live your life for the past time will not return.

  • Orunmila recommends place a cedar cross behind the main entrance of the house to prevent osogbos and people with double intentions from entering it.

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