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Odun Ogbe Ojuani: Envy, gossip and loneliness are Osogbos

Odun Ogbe Ojuani

In the Ogbe Ojuani odun, battles are won by laying three eggs Eleggua and cleaning with them for three consecutive days.

Then to finish the ebbó the eggs must be broken in the four corners.

The religious ruled by this sign are people with great hearts, but they are distinguished by being very stubborn and not easily accepting orders or advice from others.

Gossip and envy are two great osogbos for Ogbe Ojuani

Ifá prohibits in this letter to carry out religious work after six in the afternoon because osogbos will be collected instead of ireses.

Ogbe Ojuani suffers from the scourge of the gossip of the enemies who plan to enjoy the defeat of their adversary, because they do not want another future for him that is not related to misfortune and disgrace.

Teach your children to be quiet

Ogbe Ojuani should not go to bed after eating copious meals, because due to this action he will be prone to suffering from diseases of various kinds.

Ifá advises you to properly educate your children and cultivate discretion in them, because unconsciously they unwittingly reveal everything that happens in your home.

As long as there is respect you can live in peace

You have not had much affinity with your partner's family, who have not been able to accept you.

Respect those around you and thus your coexistence will become more bearable. 

Never tell your secrets and weaknesses, as these confessions will be used against you.

Vices are taboo in the odun Ogbe Ojuani

This odun marks marital separation due to infidelity.

It is taboo in this sign to trade with the body, since in the performance of this trade the person is exposed to contracting dissimilar sexually transmitted diseases.

Orunmila advises you to be measured in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, because the excess of these will cause public embarrassments.

He who lives of dreams dies of disappointment

Ogbe Ojuani is characterized by being a great dreamer, you should not take the facts for granted before they are carried out, because if so, you will be disappointed.

Loneliness is one of the osogbos that most torments the religious ruled by the odun Ogbe Ojuani.

Destiny that is often promoted by the way of being of the human being, who does not like to listen to advice or suggestions.

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