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What does the odun Ogbe Osa mark? Ifá where things are done complete

Odun ogbe bear

Ogbe Bear It is an Ifá odun where the religious is capable of giving everything and sacrificing himself in dissimilar aspects for his children.

In this letter the man offers a ram to Shango to save one of his descendants.

In this odun, betrayal and ingratitude were born as payment for good deeds.

Ifá says that you have to do things completely so that the iré reaches your life, do not leave half jobs or postpone work that you had started because that way you will not see the profits.

You cannot perform several tasks at the same time because you will leave them unfinished, focus and little by little go executing them and you will see how you achieve success.

What is safe will always have more value than what is in the air

At Ogbe Osa, a bird in hand is better than hundreds flying.

You may not want to cover more tasks or functions than you are entitled to, remember that the osogbo comes to you when you leave things unfinished.

In this letter the person cannot aspire to more than he can have because he will end up frustrated.

This Ifá advises the religious to:

  • Not suffer from indecision,
  • have a word and
  • possess determination to face destiny.

Don't listen to gossip in the Odun Ogbe Osa

Through this sign Orunmila warns the religious that without assuming commitments he will not achieve anything in life.

You must stay away from gossip as it will only bring you embarrassment and misunderstandings. 

In this Ifá it is taboo to answer for others because in doing so you must also carry your responsibilities.

Ifá where obedience and respect is owed to Oshún

In this way, one suffers from envy and the person is usually prone to acquiring ailments corresponding to the genitourinary system and the organs responsible for vision.

Take care of your dog because there will not be an animal more faithful to you than him.

Respect OshunBecause this Orisha has always made her wars her own, listen clearly to the advice that the saint wants to send you so that I will accompany you perpetually.

Ogbe Osa brand Maferefun Orunmila

Ogbe Osa says Maferefun Orunmila! holy fortune teller you must receive for stability to come into your life.

  • In this sign Orula advises you to wear a silver handle to attract luck.
  • Take care of Eggún and give special assistance to the Asian spirits that accompany you.añan.
  • In your house you cannot miss a spiritual vault, if you already have one, place flowers in it and use it as a way to communicate with the spirits.

If you want to read more about the spiritual vault and its power you can click here.

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