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What does the odun Ogbe Otrupon tell us? Evolve leaving the past behind

Odun Ogbe Otrupon

In the odun Ogbe Otrupon the trade of felling trees using tools was born, in this way the work for man became easier.

This odun talks about evolving and putting aside the past to go in search of the future.

By this letter the religious will find himself in the need to request help to win the battles that are approaching, establishing himself first in the Eggunes and then in the Orishas.

Oshosi hunts the religious in Ogbe Otrupon I will go

Oshosi in one of the Orishas that comes out in defense of the religious in this odun.

The great Osha hunter is in charge of hunting the person for luck, health, love and money, among many other irés that they may deserve.

Therefore, special attention and respect is owed to it.

To pay homage to this Orisha, it is enough to offer him anise liqueur, as this is the drink that most pleases the saint.

Religious consecration improves Ogbe Otrupon's life

Through religious consecration, a change occurs in the life of the person, modifying their behavior towards the path of good.

Ogbe Otrupon reflects this through the pataki in which orunmila He did Ifá to the bandits, making them leave behind a past full of negative acts, dedicating their destiny to doing good and taking the word of Ifá around the world.

9 Ifá tips for the odun Ogbe Otrupon

  1. This letter warns that you will suffer defamation as a result of a misunderstanding, where your enemies will gather to conspire against you.
  2. Always respect the square and the sea because they will be places where tragedies can occur in their presence.
  3. If by chance of fate you lose an object in one of these places, leave it there and do not return to retrieve it.
  4. You are a person who has not received all the consideration you deserve from your family and friends, do not feel bad about this because in the long run everyone will have to recognize your worth whether you like it or not.
  5. Do not keep broken objects at home as they will harm you by bringing you backwardness.
  6. Properties are inherited by this sign.
  7. Make ebbó so that you get out of your problems soon.
  8. Do not follow advice that will lead you to discredit, rather choose the path of hard work where there are sweet rewards at the end of the day.
  9. Don't let anyone distract you from your goals and fight tirelessly to achieve your dreams.

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