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What does Ogbe Otura warn us about? Odun of opportunities and revenge

Odun Ogbe Otura

Ogbe Otura is the odun where orunmila it allows the religious to take up old opportunities, becoming on this occasion even better than when they first arose.

Through this letter the person becomes very successful, but despite this he spends his old age alone. 

In this letter, revenge was born and the continuous struggle to achieve greatness.

The religious was born blessed with the grace of Olofin

You have an explosive personality, sometimes being violent, both aspects must change for you to be happy and to live in harmony with those around you. 

In this sign, the person is a lover of jewels and the good life and gets everything he wants because he was born blessed with the grace of Olofin.

Oshún is the protective Orisha of the odun Ogbe Otura

Therefore, the person in this letter must wear a necklace made with the beads corresponding to the saint.

You must continually keep refreshing your head.

For this odun no cap is used and hats or scarves used by the person for religious purposes are not loaned.

Do not curse or argue with anyone that this is slowing you down

Do not curse or argue with anyone, you cannot be the intermediary between two people because in the end you will be harmed and your word will not be valid.

Do not invest in someone else's business as you will lose your money and time.

Your luck will largely depend on Choose, Orisha to whom you owe devotion and respect and to whom you should always have attention.

In this Ifá, betrayals and infidelities are suffered

You must stay alert because in this Ifá you suffer betrayals and infidelities.

Make Mass for your biological and religious relatives for the Church so that they can reach the light they need.

Always keep quiet in your affairs so that the enemy cannot thwart your plans.

  • In the odun Ogbe Otura is taboo eat mamey, because with that fruit you will be saved.

Ogbe Obara does not breed dogs or reveal secrets

  • Never raise your hand to dañaNobody, especially before a woman, will be punished by the Orishas.
  • This odun marks migrations and development in other lands.
  • Avoid telling lies because your word in public will lose validity.
  • Do ebbó so that you can succeed in life and obstacles do not prevent you from reaching your goals.

In Ogbe Obara, dogs are not raised in the house or secrets are revealed to those close to them because in the future their friends will become their worst enemies.

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