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Ogbe Yono: Odun where a person is sacrificed for the good of others

Odun Ogbe Yono

In the odun of Ifá Ogbe Yono Orunmila was late, the Orisha had realized while performing his daily routine that he did not enjoy the same luck that he had accompanied him in the past.añado.

one mañaWhile hunting, she realized that when she aimed the arrow at her prey, it deviated, making it miss again and again.

The oracle tired of this situation had to do ebbó so that misfortune would stop pursuing him.

In this way he regained his luck and was able to once again enjoy the blessings that he so deserved.

Ogbe Yono's rituals for health

Ifá says that you are sick and that to get ahead you must rely on Orula.

  1. In your house you can not miss la cascarilla, sacred element It must be blown into every corner of the house so that the disease is forced to flee and you can get the healing you need.
  2. For this odun in the house a representation of blessed Saint Lazarus is placed to which a gourd with dry wine is dedicated and with this substance all who live under his roof must make a cross in their joints to prevent ailments. 

The sign where a person sacrifices himself for the good of others

Ogbe Yono marks the sacrifice of a person for the good of others, because in this Ifá a human being was selected to be delivered as a tribute to the gods, which was sent through a canoe on the river.

The person was eaten by crocodiles and the need was never consummated, therefore, the sacrifice was considered in vain.

You should try not to make frivolous efforts because in the long run you will be wearing yourself out without accomplishing any objective.

Assess why or for whom it is worth making sacrifices and to what extent this will pay you back in the future.

Butcher hooks were born in Ogbe Yono

The use of the Orula necklace prevents enemies from reaching the religious and that with their bad thoughts they can harm him.

In this letter the hooks used in butcher shops were born, pay special attention to this type of tool so that you do not get hurt in a careless way.

You should not expose your personal life or your projects like meat in the butcher shop, as many will approach you out of curiosity while others will try to get your ideas.

This odun warns the religious the importance of:

  • Do not be dazzled or get carried away by first impressions, as human beings will always display what they want to be seen.

As a result of this, you may be disappointed.

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