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What does Ogunda Biode say? Because of his strong character, his enemy does not defeat him.

Odun Ogunda Biode

Ogunda Biogde or Ogunda Ogbe marks the presence in the house of a sick family member who can give his fall in an unexpected way.

Be careful with your belongings because they can be stolen.

In this letter it is taboo:

  • leave for meañaLook at what can be done today, because it is a sign where the religious has a hectic pace of life and will rarely have the opportunity to be able to complete overdue homework on time.

Ogunda Biode was born to be a leader on the earth plane

Make ebo before facing any battle, because only with the help of the Eggunes and the Orishas will you be victorious in your wars.

the odu Ogunda Biode was born to be a leader:

  • You cannot live in the shadow of anyone, nor allow them to enslave you,
  • fight to conquer your independence and you will live more calm and happy.

You are a person of strong character and thanks to this great virtue your enemies have not been able to defeat you.

Respect your Eggunes without fail and look to them for the strength and support you need when you feel the world is closing in on you.

Keep the spiritual vault attended and have an assistance permanently placed at the foot of the Eggún tile.

When Elegguá closes one of the paths of Ogunda Biode does it for her own good

When Elegguá closes one of the paths of the religious ruled under the odun Ogunda Biode, he does it for his own good, to avoid misfortunes and unnecessary suffering.

Never feel that the Orishas are against you when you see that something does not go as you wanted, do not think that it is by divine whim but to avoid greater evils.

Do not act on a whim because you will not get anything by maintaining a proud attitude. 

Orunmila advises the religious to live without so much pressure

  • Avoid eating pork, as this food will be detrimental to your health.
  • Never be confident in the face of danger, because in an apparently insignificant situation your misfortune may lie.
  • Do not fight wars that you know you will not win and act with caution in the face of the adversities that life may throw your way.
  • In this letter the marriage is lost victim of the routine and the little attention that is offered to the spouse.
  • Save money for your old age, but not because of this have a life of deficiencies, because it is worthless to comb gray hair feeling resentful and frustrated.

The Orisha Orunmila advises the religious that:

Get distracted and learn to live life without so much pressure, knowing how to accept the bad and good things that it has to offer.

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