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What brand Ogunda Ika? Do not go above the advice of your Itá

Odun Ogunda Ika

The odun Ogunda Ika marks disasters and accidents due to crushing, which is why the religious should not visit propped up buildings or those in danger of collapsing so that they do not suffer accidents in these places.

The activities that you are going to carry out must be done with great care, avoiding with this behavior being harmed.

Never want to go above the advice and warnings that the Orishas have given you because you will fail in all aspects of life.

In your house is disturbing your tranquility, an obsessive spirit

The women governed by this Ifá must make ebo when they become pregnant so that they do not lose the child.

Illness in this sign can lead to early death if not treated in time.

In his house, the presence of an obsessive Eggun rules at the moment, which must be eradicated through a paraldo so that things flow in his ilé (house) and the iré ends up passing through the door and taking hold of all the members of the family. family.

Make Ebbó with a piece of meat and corojo butter at the foot of Oggun

You must receive the warrior Orishas and Orunmila so that your life definitely ends up taking its course and frees you from the osogbos and setbacks that do not let you move forward.

Make ebbo with:

  • A piece of meat,
  • Brown paper,
  • a kilo and
  • corojo butter at the foot of Oggun to avoid tragedies and accidents.

Do not wear striped clothes or chains on your feet.

The man born in Ogunda Ika has the path of Ifá

Respect alcoholic beverages, because in a drunken state you could reveal secrets that should not be confessed.

Odúa the foreman of the dead, is an Orisha bulwark in the life of Ogunda Ika, cling to him to come out afloat in difficult times.

The man born in Ogunda Ika has an Ifa path and in the future may be consecrated in the sacred doctrine of Orula.

Sage is the sacred herb of Ogunda Ika

Ailments in the lower limbs and headache are the main diseases of this sign:

  • Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight and
  • avoid doing unnecessary weights so that your health does not deteriorate.

Sage is the sacred herb of Odun Ogunda Ika, with this plant the person will be able to find part of the healing and iré that he needs.

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