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The Ceremony of the Fifeto was born in Ogunda Irete. What marks this Odun?

Odun Ogunda Irete

The ceremony of the fifeto was born in the odun Ogunda Irete, a ritual that takes place at the end of the slaughter of the Osha in order to refresh the knives and the hearth where the saintly consecration was carried out.

This letter marks sodomy, do not allow anyone to try to break you, fight to gain your independence so that you do not depend on anything or anyone.

Remember that your purpose in life is to be happy and not to be enslaved.

Pataki: Ogunda Irete was the barber of Olofin

Odun Ogunda Irete was Olofin's barber, one day he left the Orisha's castle to join the quimbicero spirits of the mountain, considering that together with them he would have a better future.

When Olofin found out what had happened, he cursed the barber and from then on religious separation arose, where each temple would worship its own god.

This letter warns the person that he must be consistent with his actions and not want to be between two shores.

In this Ifá indecision is not forgiven either one is on one bank of the river or the other, one cannot be in both places at the same time.

The person in this sign loses the war by stubbornness

The religious in this sign loses the war due to stubbornness, despite the fact that you want something very much, you must learn to conform when this cannot be and things do not end up going as you wish.

Well, even if you don't know how to value it at the time, later you can realize that things didn't happen as you expected for your own good, because in the long run everything that happens is convenient.

Do not curse your luck, because it could leave you completely helpless.

Betrayal, ambition and ingratitude are osogbos

The main osogbos of the Odun Ogunda Irete:

Dominated by these defects, the religious will meet his downfall in life:

  • Treachery,
  • boundless ambition and
  • the bad thanks

The existence of the individual governed by this Ifá cannot be a pitched battle to obtain everything he wants at any price, because by taking this attitude he will end up falling into the arayés (problems).

You must know how to settle for what you have been able to obtain, even if in the future your objective is different, long live the present, because the future will always be uncertain for man.

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