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Warnings from Ogunda Iroso: Ifá of the brave, with decision you go far

Odun Ogunda Iroso

In the odun Ogunda Iroso it is strictly forbidden for the religious to be involved in gossip.

This letter is considered a lack of respect towards the yoruba temple that the person airs negative criteria about their elders.

If for reasons of life there is a misunderstanding or an irremediable disagreement between the godfather and the godson and they decide to distance themselves, it would be better to do it in a cordial way without the mediation of gossip.

Odun where devotion and tribute are paid to Yemayá

In the Odun Ogunda Iroso about his health, be careful:

  • Take care of your eyes, because the eyes are one of the organs that suffer the most in this sign.
  • The person should pay special attention to accidents such as falls from great heights and conditions caused by sharp objects.

This is an odun where devotion and tribute are paid to Yemayá the Orisha mother of the world, it was in Ogunda Iroso where it was offered to the saint for the first time:

  • fried pork and
  • mariquitas (fried green plantain chips)

This being one of the favorite addimus (offerings) of the deity.

In this Ifá the religious lives engañado for his false friends

Orula says that:

The person is blind, because things happen in front of his eyes and he is not able to realize this.

In this Ifá the religious lives engañado, since several of the friends that surround you frequent it out of pure interest, you must remove the blindfold and place each one in the place that corresponds to him.

Despite the achievements that are achieved in life, you should always be humble

In this Ifá, adults should not lose their reason in front of children because they will grow up without respecting them.

Yemayá the owner of the world, the only thing he asks his children in this odun is that:

Do not stop striving every day to be better and despite the achievements you may achieve in life, never forget to be humble and grateful to those who reached out to you at a given time.

This is an Ifá for the brave, where he who does not take risks does not win.

Ogunda Iroso is a sign in which dreams are fulfilled based on sacrifice, because without effort nothing can be obtained in life.

In this letter the person must take care of what he has and learn not to waste in order to multiply his earnings in the future.

This is an Ifá for the brave, where he who does not take risks does not win, act decisively in life and many doors will open for you. 

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