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Osogbos in Ogunda Odi: If you commit infidelity you will lose your family

Odun Ogunda Odi

In the Odun Ogunda Odi You should not sleep in the dark, because during the night the spirits approach you and you can be disturbed.

The fortune teller Orula recommends to the religious:

  • Do not incur in infidelities so that the family you have built does not fall apart or lose your life in an altercation.
  • Don't lend money, because you can never get your possessions back. 

Impotence, disobedience and a reckless attitude are osogbos in this Ifá

Impotence, disobedience and a reckless attitude arise in this odun, where the person is sometimes frustrated.

In the Odun Ogunda Odi it is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children well so that they follow the path of good and do not lose their way in life.

Teach your descendants to respect older people and under no circumstances should you raise your hand to women.

Baba will take you on the path of good, he will only ask you for obedience

Adore Obatalá and invite him to be the sovereign of your home by making a procession.

Live by his motto "humility and patience" and you will get as far as you want in life.

Baba will take you on the path of good in life, he will only ask you to be obedient and respectful, feeling well repaid with this.

Respect the children of Oshún and keep your distance from them so as not to offend the Orisha who owns the honey bee if an altercation occurs between you and one of your descendants. 

For happiness to truly come into your life, do ebbo

You came to the earth plane with gambling luck.

Always keep your house clean and your things in order so that progress follows you and you don't end up regressing.

The person ruled under this sign will have a male descendant.

For happiness to truly come into your life, you must feed it at your doorstep.

Broken decorations are not kept in Ogunda Odi's house to avoid osogbos

It is forbidden in this sign for the person to sit on broken furniture, since they could fall and harm their physical integrity.

In the house of Ogunda Odi broken ornaments are not kept because the osogbos hide in them and the person loses prosperity and health.

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