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What brand Ogunda Ofun? Here is born the baptism and the praying of the head

Odun Ogunda Ofun

The religious governed under the odun of Ifá Ogunda Ofun You must always keep your head cool, you can do it by begging your lerí (head) with coconut, fruits and bread.

Another variant to refresh the crown is with coconut water and sometimes with omiero made with sacred herbs such as "know lesson", a useful plant during the exam period and when irrevocable decisions are imminently made.

In the odun Ogunda Ofun you can also:

  • Wash your head with holy water,
  • place a little cocoa butter on your crown, cascarilla and cotton and
  • sleep with your head covered with a white scarf.

In this sign the baptism is born, a ceremony through which the almighty father recognizes his children in a Christian way.

Ifa says that you should:

  • dress in light clothes,
  • avoid alcoholic beverages and
  • do not attend places where riotous fights frequently occur.

This Ifá talks about transformations

This sign talks about transformations that the person will undergo throughout his life, which will be fundamentally mediated in his character and way of seeing life.

Orula wants you to learn that:

  • Not everyone who approaches him does so with good intentions and
  • what seems wonderful to you in the present may cause you disgust and sorrow in the future.

In Ogunda Ofun the constant revolution of events reigns.

In this letter are born the betrayals by envy and the secrets

Ogunda Ofun in adulthood comes to express his disappointment in human beings, because he will know the best and the worst of his species at the same time.

In this letter betrayals are born out of envy and the secrets that are kept to save themselves from enemies.

It is taboo in this sign:

  • Excessive consumption of pork and other foods rich in animal fat.

Work with the "ever alive", sacred plant in Ogunda Ofun

For good fortune to be found in the house of the religious ruled by Ogunda Ofun, he must:

  • Have planted a plant that is always alive and will attend to it every day,
  • to this plant the individual will secretly ask for wishes.

Other powerful tips:

  • You must learn to control your temper so that you will be able to fulfill your purposes more effectively.
  • It is forbidden in this sign to mistreat dogs and the family.
  • Respect the daughters of Oshún and with this action you will also be respecting your mother.
  • Do not raise your voice or argue with women.
  • receive the Orisha Oshosi for stability to come into your life.

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