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4 Tips from Ojuani Okana: When the river sounds, stones bring

Odun Ojuani Okana

When the river sounds it is because it brings stones, in the odun of Ifá Ojuani Okana the stones of the river are dragged by the current, in the same way that the religious can be dragged by:

  • Difficulties,
  • bad influences and
  • wrong decisions.

Do not meet with people involved in conflicts and fights because he will end up paying the consequences of his mistakes.

1. If you want new results you should try different strategies

In the odun Ojuani Okana the flooding of the rivers devastated the plantations that rested on its shores until the day the peasants realized that they had to change their strategy if they wanted to prosper and began to sow elsewhere.

In this letter, if the person wants new results, he must try different strategies and Don't keep making the same mistakes.

2. In your life there will be changes that will benefit youány will hurt him

You cannot allow impulses to dominate you., learn to meditate your actions before carrying them out so that you do not regret it later.

Your biggest enemy is pride.

Ifá says that changes will occur in your life that will benefit you and others that will harm you, of these:

  • take the positiveAppreciate your mistakes and move on.
  • don't be sorry and think that in life everything happens for a reason.

3. Says Orula: Do not be capricious, let go of what is not for you

In this sign the sick person cannot lie on a bed, you must try to recover as soon as possible and do your part so that you do not suffer serious complications.

You can't be greedyIn Ojuani Okana, a man is strictly prohibited from raising his hand to a woman.

The fortune teller Orunmila recommends you not to be capricious in the Odun Ojuani Okana, let go of what is not for you and focus on what really suits you.

4. Have all your documents in order, especially the properties

Ingratitude is the condemnation of the sign Ojuani Okana.

You must have all your documents in order, especially those that correspond to properties.

You will inherit possessions from relatives or deceased close friends.

Ifá marks care of suffering circulatory disorders, particularly venous thrombosis.

This odun warns the woman With the early arrival of the climacteric and menopause, you can't wait too long to have children.

Ojuani Okana establishes making ebbó so that no one in the family is lost.

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