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Curious facts about the odun Osa Logbe: 3 Tips that save

Odun Osa Logbe

In the Odun Osa Logbe women claimed supremacy in religion, finally establishing that the highest authority figure in the Osha would be the Oba and in Ifá the Babalawo.

Here was born the virtue that the Oshas descended at the head of the human beings who had been crowned holy.

In Osa Logbe, hypocrisy and lamentation arose:

  • You will always be surrounded by fake people who will approach you to obtain some kind of benefit,
  • meditate your actions before executing them to avoid regrets with this.

1. Musical instruments are kings in this odun and with these one evolves

In the Odun Osa Logbe musical instruments are kings, the religious must go to instrumental music concerts so that the spirits develop and have strength, and the Orishas are also given these instruments as an offering.

In the house of the religious governed under this letter, music cannot be missing because with it he will ward off all his evils.

With these foods the person makes ebbo and is saved, that's why in this sign you don't eat:

  • Dove,
  • White beans,
  • egg,
  • no pumpkin.

The religious must be careful of a fall because a blow of this magnitude will be fatal.

2. In Osa Logbe happiness reaches the end of life

The happiness that is sought in Osa Logbe reaches the religious at the end of life, no matter how much the person runs, they will never be able to escape their destiny.

For prosperity, the religious:

  • He must feed the square and the four corners and always have Elegguá reinforced.
  • In this sign, a party is held for Elegguá to break down obstacles and difficulties.

3. You must have a 2-sided staff to unmask the enemy

In Osa Logbe yam is put on Orula and then it is pulverized using it to make the yefa with which the Ifá priest works.

The religious in the Odun Osa Logbe must have a two-sided cane so that through this attribute his eggunes (spirits) show him the true face of the people around him.

This cane lives for a season:

  • Next to the tile or representation of the dead and
  • in another period behind the front door of the house.

You must work the spiritual field so that your eggunes develop and warn you of all evil.

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