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What does the Odun Oyekun Ika mark? Where the Osha and the Ituto are born

Odun Oyekun Ika

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Ika is born why the Iyabo goes to the river to receive the blessing of the Orisha Yalorde to comply with Osha.

During this ritual the initiate in the Santeria is purified, this ceremony constitutes a baptism where the person prepares to be reborn through the stones of the saint.

Letter that marks the beginning and the end of human life

The Ituto ceremony saw its origins also in this odun, a letter that marks the beginning and the end of the life of the human being on the earth plane.

In both rituals the poplar is present, a sacred plant within the rule of the Osha-Ifá, with the premise that:

  • for it to be born the person uses the fresh leaves of the plant,
  • while in the ituto the leaves of the poplar tree that have fallen to the ground are taken, representing them in this way the end of the life and the place to which our mortal remains are sent once we leave this world to the land that saw us born and will later welcome us when the time comes to leave.

Two powerful tips for religious:

1. Respect Yemayá the owner of the sea and her children, do not let her word fall

The religious ruled by Oyekun Ika in order to prevent tragedies, accidents and even death itself, must respect the water:

  • The rain,
  • the sea,
  • the river,
  • the pools,
  • The gaps.

You must respect the Yoruba goddess Yemayá, the owner of the sea and her children, do not let the word of this saint fall so that your life does not fall into misfortune.

In your ilé (house) you must be extremely careful with children if there are pools or water tanks so that they do not suffer an accident.

2. The person in this odun for sin of pride can be lost in life

In this Ifá because of jealousy and envy, the person can make very bad decisions.

  • Avoid impulsiveness
  • do not carry weapons of any kind and
  • Learn to solve your problems intelligently.

The religious in the Odun Oyekun Ika for sin of arrogance can get lost in life, learn to be humble so that you achieve your dreams without so many difficulties.

Cardiovascular diseases are born in this letter, odun that warns the religious that the excess of fats and salt can cause the decompensation of their blood pressure.

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