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In Oyekun Ika the good mother shelters all her children under her umbrella

Odun Oyekun Ika

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Ika The parasol was born, an object that symbolizes protection, under it man is sheltered from the sun, rain and other inclement weather.

Advice for the religious:

  • For the awo Oyekun Ika to be lucky, he must have an umbrella placed behind the door of his ilé (home).

The umbrella represents the mother who wants to offer shelter and protection to all her children.

This is an odun of protection, family reunification and unity, since the good mother says that all her children will fit on rainy days under her umbrella.

In this Ifá the good son, friend, husband, father and brother will always have the blessing of Olofin.

Oyekun Ika is strictly forbidden to leave loved ones behind, in this letter children are not abandoned or relations with the birthplace are cut off.

In Oyekun Ika the ritual of taking the yabó to the river on the eve of the saint was born.

Ifá says:

  • That in the odun Oyekun Ika is where the ritual of taking the yabó (initiated in the Yoruba religion) to the river on the eve of the saint was born.

This ceremony is syncretized with the baptism practiced in the Catholic religion.

With the river ritual, the person is purified to later be reborn, leaving behind all the negative of the past.

The visit to the house the goddess oshun It is a way of surrendering to the Orisha protector of all wombs, in order to give her knowledge that the next day the religious will crown her guardian angel to:

  • Health,
  • stability,
  • rest and
  • long life.

Each good or bad action performed will return tripled to its destination

The law of karma was born in this sign, it dictates that each good action performed will return tripled to the person and the same will happen with negative actions.

The man comes carrying karma from ancient times:

  • It is assumed that every time the soul comes to earth, it must pay for its sins and try not to commit bad deeds on purpose, so that its burden does not continue to increase in each cycle of life that is to come.

The truth is that the human being and the good religious must make sure not toañato anyone intentionally, so as not to betray the doctrines of the Yoruba Pantheon.

This is a letter of hidden enemies and hypocrisy

Oyekun Ika is a sign that marks rivalry between people, so that wherever you arrive there will always be someone who wants to compete with you.

Remember: Although not openly declared, this is a letter of hidden enemies and hypocrisy.

Do not trust anyone easily, because with the honor of your trust, not just anyone should be rewarded.

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