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What brand Oyekun Iroso? We must work the spiritual field

Odun Oyekun Iroso

In the Odun Oyekun Iroso the orisha Odúa sat on the throne of Olofin and the dead took power over the earth.

This is a sign of spirits where the work of the spiritual field of the person is necessary. to have development and I will go.

The religious in this letter can lose very attached people early, the only way he will have to find himself close to them again is spiritualism.

You You should not go unnecessarily to the cemeteryBe careful about what you ask your Eggunes (spirits) because they want it so much that they will grant it to you, although this is not always the best for you.

In Ifá Oyekun Iroso the pact between Ikú and Abita

  • Under this letter the seriously ill does not get up from his bed and passes through sleep to the plane of the spirits.
  • In this letter no one gets rid of the sentence of Olofin.
  • In the Odun Oyekun Iroso the pact between Ikú and Abita and was born why the devil cursed the mud. 
  • This letter in Osogbo predicts scarcity, troubles and diseases, make ebbó at the foot of the great Ifá diviner to change the letter and not penalize on the plane of the earth.
  • In this odun the separation of unbreakable things arises, always be happy because opportunities and people come into your life and do not reproach yourself when they have to leave, better enjoy them while they last.

Ifá of gossip: is surrounded by gossip and slander

about his person the language of the world will always be found, finding yourself surrounded by gossip and slander.

Ifá marks concern on your part for your state of health, recommending that you go to the doctor before any symptoms, because in this odun it is taboo to self-medicate.

They are strictly prohibited in this sign:

  • alcoholic beverages and
  • the consumption of drugs and narcotics.

You must learn to be humble and charitable

To Oyekun Iroso they want to ruin it out of envy and jealousy.

watch your position, comply with the feeding schedules and do not stop checking periodically with the doctor.

Both in men and women, this Ifá marks the person take care of your organs reproductive.

So that in your life there is no lack of happiness and blessings you must learn to be humble and alms are offered to the poor.

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