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What does Oyekun Ofun warn? His staff are the Jimaguas and Ideu

Odun Oyekun Ofun

The powerful orishas Jimaguas Ibeyis and Ideu are the staff of the odun of Ifá Oyekun Ofun, these represent in the Yoruba Pantheon the victory of wars and difficulties, those who won the war against the devil come into the lives of human beings to help them face adversities, you should receive these Orishas in the course of his life to:

  • Health,
  • firmness on the plane of the earth and
  • expiration of causes and difficulties.

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Oyekun Ofun is the Ifá of the lagoons

The ram is a sacred animal in this sign, so it is taboo to eat its meat.

The Oyekun Ofun sign is the Ifá of the lagoons, the religious must pray to the deities that live in these domains and attribute offerings to them for their prosperity, always respect these waters and avoid bañalaugh at them

In this sign the principle of decomposition was born and why when things are no longer useful they must be thrown away.

You can never lose humility

In Oyekun Ofun Oshún acquired employees to facilitate her existence, in this sign the person was born to be a leader and to occupy great positions and positions, but they must be careful because the great bears that live in this letter they are propitiated by self-sufficiency and pride, you can never lose humility, always keep in mind that nobody is perfect and precisely for this reason there is no superiority among human beings. 

The sudden loss is a constant in this sign

In the odun Oyekun Ofun the sudden loss is a constant:

  • Beware of sudden death,
  • keep your life away from excesses and avoid unnecessary conflicts,
  • respect so that they respect you and live in harmony with your relatives.

Give everyone the place they deserve in your heart and do for others to the extent that they are capable of deserving. Don't Do Favors That Doom You and learn to look good with yourself first and then with the world so that you are happy.

Avoid riding a horse, bicycle and motorcycle because you could suffer an accident in which anyone involved will lose their lives. You cannot wander through pleasures and jungles because you will pick up bears, walk looking down so you don't step on curses or suffer falls, in this letter a fall has fatal consequences, take care of your legs and the osteomyoarticular system.

Tend to your spiritual vault

In your spiritual vault you cannot miss basil, flowers and a representation of Saint Teresita of Jesus, always have your spiritual vault attended so that good beings have light and spiritual progress.

The sacred herbs of Oyekun Ofun are:

  • mouse eye,
  • purple basil and
  • the fine grass.

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