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What brand Oyekun Okana? To be I will go you must have stability

Odun Oyekun Okana

In the odu Oyekun Okana You received a curse from a woman who has even performed sorcery on your doorstep.

  • Maintain a responsible sexual conduct so that you do not suffer from venereal diseases.
  • For you to remain iré you must have stability in your life.

In this Ifá it is taboo to attempt against his life

Respect alcoholic beverages and do not reach the state of intoxication so that your actions do not have a fatal outcome.

In Oyekun Okana is prohibited attempt on his life,:

  • His suicidal intentions will fail and he will have to live with the aftermath of his actions for the rest of his life.

The person in Oyekun Okana fails by his own head

Be careful with the things you consume, they are not going to cast witchcraft on you through food, mainly dark drinks.

In the odun Oyekun Okana the religious fails by his own head:

  • For making decisions in inappropriate states of mind and because of this, he tends to blame other people, ignoring that the only one to blame for his failures is himself.

You can't dress the same as anyone, so they don't confuse you

Remember that you cannot dress the same as anyone, because if they confuse you, you will end up carrying the osogbos (bad energy) of others. For this reason you should not lend your clothes or shoes.

For your life to settle, you must receive the orisha diviner Orunmila at home.

Ifá says that:

You are a devotee of San Lázaro Bendito, if you have made a promise to this saint, keep it so that your life may be in peace.

Your luck will be in being a legal person

In his spiritual cord there is a missionary spirit of San Lázaro, which he must attend to in the eggun tile, offering him:

  • Dry wine,
  • fruits,
  • bread and
  • tobacco.  

Always remember that in the Odun Oyekun Okana your luck will be in:

  • Being a legal person in all aspects of life,
  • not harm anyone and
  • Be loyal to your principles.

Advice for the religious:

You must respect your parents and give them the place they deserve in your life, and even if they do not always agree, you must know how to listen to their points of view so that you do not fail, because what you are not able to see, they will see when they have more experience for having lived many more years on earth.

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