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Why did Oduwá come down to Earth covered with a white sheet?

Oduwá in Ogbe Bara

In Ogbe Bara they talk about the existence of Oduwá, placing the Orisha in the full extent of the honors he deserves to receive, for being a deity with high power and mental control.

Pataki of the path of the Duality of the thought of Oduduwá

At the beginning when he developed his ability to coexist in two different worlds through his thought he was alienated.

Going through a certain trance that prevented him from communicating with his children, who were left unprotected from his protection.

The duality of his presence in both worlds little by little gave him the control he needed to develop his full potential.

His desperate children were going to visit him, but he was not ready to detach himself from the astral plane and return to earth to attend to their requests.

Thanks to the ebbó and the word of Ifá, Oduwá connected with the two worlds, the material and the spiritual

Orunmila, the great priest of Ifá When he found out about the situation, he went to the Oduwa palace to consult it, traveling a long way towards a hill full of palms and clouds.

Once he arrived at the Orisha's home, he sat on the mat and began to * atefar, seeing an odun through which Ifá recommended performing an ebbó with two whistles, one open and one closed, since the lyrics spoke about distractions and disorientation.

  • *Atefar: Ceremonial action in which Orula is directly manipulated to obtain the relevant Odduns.

After performing some ceremonies on the whistles, the soothsayer took the open one and began to blow it, immediately capturing the attention of Oduwa, who guided him into the world of the living with the sound of the whistle.

From that moment Odua was descending from the skies covered with a white sheet.

He began to comply with all the requests of his children, who celebrated the arrival of their father, feeling more secure from that moment.

From that moment on, Oduwa began to worship Orunmila, learning to value the power of Ifá and the scope of the board.

Being the ebbó marked by Ogbe Bara the culminating step for the wise Orisha to obtain the definitive control over his thought.

A sacred attribute in the Osha:

The white sheet With which Oduwa was covered, it was subsequently consecrated in the Osha as a symbol of sacred protection, its use being necessary in each religious room.

Through its use in the door of the saint's room, the entrance to the premises of the osogbos and evil spirits is prevented, with the aim of being able to sponsor each ceremony with the absence of disturbances and the positive energies that are required.

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