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How to open the roads with Elegguá with an Offering of 3 elements?

Offering to Elegguá

Eleggua is an Orisha of great importance in any religious ceremony within the Osha RuleIt is the first one they call and attend because Olofi decided so.

He is the beginning and end of all roads, he is the one who carries and brings the messages to the Gods, without their approval we do not receive prosperity and purpose in our destiny.

Generally lives behind the doors of homes, from there it delimits two universes, the interior of the dwelling and the exterior of the world. He is the gatekeeper of the mountains and savannas, owner of roads and crossroads, who protects walkers and men on earth.

Simple Offering to Elegguá to open roads

Offering to Elegguá with roses

Elegguá likes that all the offerings that they are deposited with him, mention them aloud, that they respect him and that they are offered to him with love.

He is benevolent, mischievous and very playful, but also vigilant, does not tolerate faults and punishes strongly when he sees fit.

Faith is the main seasoning of all prayer, it does not matter if it is small or large, as long as it is offered by placing all trust and will in it, everything will go well with the blessing of the little Orisha.

Ingredients you need:

  • 3 black princes or red roses
  • Honey bee
  • 1 white candle

How to prepare the work of the little Orisha Eleguá?

If you have not received the Orisha you can also carry out this work, with faith and love deposited in him.

  1. You put the 3 black princes or red roses in front of Elegguá or in a clean and pleasant place.
  2. You take the candle and smear it with honey, then light it.
  3. On each rose you will pour a little honey, and as you do it you will be thanking him and asking Elegguá for his blessing.
  4. You can use a prayer to the Orisha or say:

Baba Elegguá, I ask for your blessing first of all
Grateful to you always
Here I offer you these red roses
That as I put these roses with honey,
My path is covered with roses and sweetness
Thank you Elegguá!

What to do with the offering afterwards?

With this offering you can do 2 things:

  • The first is to take her after 3 days with 3 cents of right to a mountain or small bush, a place dense with nature as the Orisha likes.
  • The second, let the roses dry and make Afoche (powder), that is, when the flowers are dry you can powder them and mix them with smoked jutia and smoked fish.

This sacred powder will serve you to use them in bathrooms and cleaning at home or business. You just have to mix it with ordinary water and you use that prepared water in whatever you want, to open paths and attract positive energies.

I hope that Elegguá always gives you an open path, that gives you health, prosperity and abundance. But above all, good health, may it free you from death, disease and all kinds of misfortunes. Blessings.

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