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What Offering can we deliver to Eleguá to open the roads?

Offering to Eleguá to open roads

Eleggua, the Orisha who opens the paths for us and always protects us, the warrior who cares for us with love. This powerful Orisha marks our destiny and protects the doors of our homes, he is the one who decides our happiness and the destiny of our actions.

Every Monday you must attend Elegguá, it is your favorite day, so I recommend putting this Addimú (offering) on ​​a Monday.

Sometimes the roads are closed to us and we don't know what to do. Do not worry, do not be discouraged, put a lot of faith in your heart and pay attention to Elegguá that he will help you.

Never give up, ask him strongly and you will see how you recover your positive energies, which will open the doors to prosperity. Remember, align your desires and your faith with your strength, I am sure that Elegguá will unblock those closed roads that are overwhelming you at this time.

Adimu for Eleguá

Offering to eleguá to open roads with guavas

This offering will have guava, one of the orisha's favorite fruits, which he always welcomes, remember that the main element will always be faith to obtain beautiful and positive results.

If you have not received the orisha, you can carry out this work by placing the offering behind the main door of the house, which is where prosperity enters and where Eleguá lives.


  • 1 candle
  • 3 green guavas
  • Plate, Knife and Spoon
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Toasted corn
  • 3 coins in legal tender of the country where you live for prosperity
  • Honey bee
  • Corojo butter
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco

How to prepare the offering to the little one of the Osha Eleguá?

  1. Break the candle into three parts, and light 1 of them.
  2. You ask for Elegguá's blessing and you talk out loud with the orisha giving him knowledge of what you are using, that is, your ingredients and what you need to achieve with this ritual.
  3. You take the green guavas and wash them, dry them and put them on the plate in front of Eleguá.
  4. With great care, you take the knife and cut horizontally the crown of the guava, that is, the upper part and preserve it for later use.
  5. With the help of the spoon you are going to remove a little of the mass that the fruit has inside, it should be like a bowl.
  6. Inside that hole that you opened in each guava you will put in each fruit: smoked fish, smoked jutía and toasted corn.
  7. You will also put 1 coin in each guava and pour honey on top.
  8. Cover the guavas with the lid of each one and with both hands you will spread corojo butter on the fruits.
  9. You blow brandy and tobacco smoke.
  10. You will leave this Addimú for 3 days in a row in the name of Eleguá.
  11. You would have 2 pieces of candles that would be to light them on the second and third day of the work.
  12. On the third day you will take these guavas to 3 different places where there is prosperity and development such as:
  • a bank,
  • a store,
  • a market,
  • an agency, etc.

I hope that Elegguá illuminates your path and that this offering to open the paths and doors to prosperity will give you a lot of health, love and a lot of faith to move forward with firmness and strength. Blessings.

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