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Offering to Eleguá So that the Money flows and does not stagnate!

Offering to Eleguá for money

Elegguá is an Orisha who does many mischief and is a trickster, owner of destiny, is in charge of opening or closing the paths of luck or misfortune for men on earth.

The colors of Elegguá are red and black and his number is 3 and 7, we venerate him in the Yoruba religion on Mondays.

Obedience is owed to Elegguá, he has a lot of knowledge and knows everything, he is very protective and guides us not to deviate from the path, with him we find harmony and unfolding in our lives.

Addimú at the foot of Eleguá for development and economic evolution

An offering to Eleguá for money

With this powerful offering (Addimú) to Eleguá for moneyWe ask for abundance, prosperity to flow, good luck to come and open roads.

Elegguá likes this Addimú very much and if you ask him with faith and love he will grant you your wishes.

The fundamental element of this Addimú is the coconut, the sacred obi, which Elegguá and all the Orishas in general like so much.

  • Note that The obi should not be thrown to the ground, but should be treated with respect.


Even without having Elegguá received, if you venerate him and trust him, you can make this offering.

How do we carry out this Addimú to achieve prosperity in Eleguá?

  1. First you take the coconuts and remove all the fibers or external hair they have.
  2. Then you wash the coconuts to eliminate the negative energies that may have collected before, dry them or let them dry.
  3. You spread corojo butter to the 3 coconuts and you paint them half red with red precipitate so that your order can be quickly resolved and white with cascarilla, to ward off any negative influence that exists in your home.
  4. You blow tobacco smoke and rum, and light the candle giving knowledge to the Orisha and say:

Father Elegguá
Here is your son / daughter
Asking for your blessing
Offering you this Addimú
So you can clean my house from all the bad
To me and to those who habitan
So that I can reach the doors of my house

prosperity and development
Thank you for everything you give me

Offering for 21 days and to the Mount:

This offering to Eleguá for the money to flow positively will go to the foot of the Orisha or behind the front door of the house.

You will let the candle burn out and you will put this work for 21 days at the foot of the Orisha, always starting on a Monday and for three weeks you will light a candle and attend Elegguá and Obi every Monday.

At 21 days you will deposit that Addimú in a mountain, manigua or place with a lot of nature with its three cents of right to the orisha of the roads.

May the Ashé de Elegguá visit your life!

You can also make these offerings and works with Eleguá:

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