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Offering to Eleguá for 7 days Guerrero, grant us what we want in life!

Offering to Eleguá

Eleggua owns roads and crossroads in the Yoruba religion, lord of corners and savannas, who opens the way for us and is always attentive to our needs.

Everything that you ask him with faith and will, he will offer it to you.

In Santeria, we religious have verified that nothing is impossible for Elegguá, and if it is on your way, he puts it, and it will always help you to achieve it.

Remember, it's like they say:

What is for you even if you take off, and what is not, even if you put it on.

This is a very simple offering (Addimú) to Eleguá, but it does not stop being effective. In simplicity there is also a lot of power, as long as we put great doses of faith.


  • 7 dried coconuts
  • Black chalk or paint (also known as plaster and chalk)
  • Cascarilla (if you want to make it homemade we leave the steps below)
  • Oil lamp
  • Corojo butter
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • 7 cents

How do we prepare this Addimú to Elegguá to achieve what we want?

  1. First, the dried coconuts are painted half white with cascarilla and half black with chalk or paint.
  2. After being painted and dry (in case you use paint) you spread corojo butter on them.
  3. So you put the coconuts around Eleggua or behind the front door at home.
  4. You light the candle to the orisha, you blow brandy and tobacco smoke to Eleggua and the coconuts.
  5. You ask Eleguá's blessing and give knowledge of who you are and what you want to achieve.

After 7 days we go to the Mount:

  • We must have that offering for 7 days on rest.
  • Then we must take the coconuts and leave them in a thick forest or forest with 7 cents of duty.
  • If you do not have coins, you can leave 7 grains of corn next to the work.

This offering to Eleguá is one of many that can be offered to the little giant in Santeria, and it is a deity who loves to be entertained, because he is like a gluttonous child.

Everything we do in the Osha we must put our hearts into it, sometimes we do not trust and then we wonder about the bad results, the important thing is to believe in the power of the orishas.

Learn more about the attention to the Orisha Eleguá:

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