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Powerful offering to Inle to grant us health and protection in life

Offering to Inle

Erinlé or Inle is an Orisha which symbolizes fishing, protects fishermen a lot, also doctors, and is a fortune teller.

He is the great doctor of the Osha, his healing powers gave him that title, he is able to save from Ikú (death) and with his ashé he offers healing to men on Earth.

Although his cult is not so well known, his power has reached the Regla de Osha-Ifá, where he is venerated and invoked to beg for protection and help, especially in difficult times.

Inle is also defined as a deity of the waters of the world, its relationship with the river and the sea give it much more energy, it is associated not with the depths, but with the banks and mouths.

In the Yoruba religion, Inle is a fisherman, for this reason his attributes of power and representations are closely related to this trade, and physically he has a beauty without equal in the pantheon of Orishas.

Inlé is a great hunter and warrior, he is received in the Santeria or Rule of Osha to ward off and prevent diseases, his ashé heals, purifies and gives evolution.

It is the deity that gives us food, sustenance, abundance on earth, therefore it is also vital for life.


This Addimú (offering) to Inle that I recommend is very pleasing to this Orisha and it is very simple.

  • 2 sweet potato fruits
  • Coal
  • White plate
  • 2 candles
  • Honey

How do we make this Offering to Inle?

  1. First you wash the sweet potatoes and chop them into 7 thick slices.
  2. The charcoal is to roast these slices, and when they are roasted you remove them and let them cool.
  3. Put them on the white plate and light the 2 candles to Inlé.
  4. You ask the orisha for his blessing (you can use the Inle prayer that we share below)
  5. As you ask, you pour honey over the slices.

This offering must be left for 7 days.

Every day you will light the candles for a while and at the end of that period you must take that offering to the river, a spring, or a waterfall.

If you have not received it, but you trust in the power of Inle, be sure that he will listen to you and help you in whatever you need in your life, trust.

Short prayer to Inle to ask for his blessing:

Erinlé, mighty orisha who you meet along the river that bears your name, hunter, fisherman and botanist, give me the support of your cane, grant me the gift of health and love.

I thank and venerate you, so that you, who live where fresh water meets salt water, take away everything that is bad with the sacred liquid.

How you also have the power and half of the balance between men and women, give us wisdom, well-being and all the good in this world when we deserve it.

I give you this offering with all my heart to thank you and ask for your immense help, I know that with your protection I will find the best way, Ashe. Maferefún Babá Erinle!

Blessings to you, and I sincerely hope that with this work on behalf of Inle many good things will come to you, especially health, love and a lot of humility to grow spiritually.

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