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Offering a Basket of 7 fruits to the Virgin of Regla and Yemayá

Offering to the Virgin of Regla

The patron saint of the town of Regla, Facing the Bay of Havana, is the miraculous Virgin of Regla, venerated by all Cubans.

In the Osha or Santeria to our Orisha Yemaya It is syncretized with the Virgencita de Regla, both are mistresses of the sea, both the Catholic saint and the Yoruba queen are merciful and kind mothers with their devotees.

How to make the Offering to the Virgin of Regla and the Orisha to fulfill a request?

This work is done in the name of the power of the Virgin of Regla and Yemayá, the mother of the Yoruba pantheon, invoking that with her love and blessing free us from all the bad and favor us with all the good, holy and just.

With the power of this ritual you will be able to attract love and health, abundance, justice and mercy, just ask for what you need with faith and humility, without asking for evil, leave that to divine justice.


  • 7 fruits (ideally they are different)
  • Honey
  • Plate or basket, for example, a wicker basket
  • piece of blue cloth
  • molasses of caña
  • 2 blue or white candles, or 2 homemade wicks
  • 7 cents

Spirit Ritual Procedure:

  1. First of all, you must wash the fruits well so that they give off any negative energy they have collected, and dry them with a clean cloth.
  2. Light the two candles at the foot of Yemayá or the image of the Virgin of Regla and ask for her blessing.
  3. Pour honey on your hands and smear it on each fruit separately, one by one. While you do it, connect with the energy of the holy orisha from your spirituality.
  4. Before putting the fruits, place the blue cloth on the plate or basket, then put the fruits one by one on the cloth.
  5. Pour honeydew over the fruitsaña in abundance so that all the good things come and stay with you, that your life is sweetened and health and prosperity knock on your door.

Simple prayer to Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla to make a request

Do you know how to make a request to the Virgin and Orisha? Pray for health, evolution and luck, ask for what you need, but always give thanks.

Goddess of the sea, who always listens to my words.
Mother of the oceans who never abandons me and protects me with her mantle of love.
I ask for your protection so that by your blessing you may be my guide, my comfort and my beacon in the difficult situation I am going through (request).
I beg you to teach me and lead a safe route.
Mother, accept this humble offering, a sign of my love.
Maferefún Yemaya! Blessed are you Virgin of Regla! Thank you mother!

How long will the offering last? Tips to complete the work

The offering will be active for 7 daysLet's remember that 7 is the number of Yemaya in Santeria, so we will give you 7 fruits. But if for some reason, the fruits start to go bad, we must take them before, the offering must be beautiful and in perfect condition when we deliver it.

When you finish the prayer, blow out the candles and light them every day for a while for 7 consecutive days, take advantage of that day to talk to the holy orisha and ask her for your request, talk to her about what you need and open your heart like a child to a mother.

On the seventh day you go to the sea with the fruits wrapped in the cloth and deposit your offering to Yemayá and the virgin, only the fruits, also throwing your 7 cents right.

It is important that this offering be deposited in the seaOtherwise, it may not give us the same results.

However, if you wholeheartedly want to deliver it and you don't have the sea nearby, place the offering under a leafy tree, or I also recommend choose another offering, learn about other rituals to Yemayá (click here).

3 final tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make your offering in front of Yemayá or an image of the Virgin of Regla.
  2. Visualize your situation already resolved, it is vital to express our wishes from gratitude.
  3. Take some honey to the sea for when you put the fruits, pour a little into its waters while you thank her, talk to her and make your request.

you will be wondering, what do I do with the blue cloth and the basket or plate? Well, we are going to leave the container at home, to reuse it in other rituals and we can also keep the cloth, or if you want, you can clean your whole body with the blue cloth and throw it on a mountain near the sea. 

When I say get clean, it means take the cloth with your hand and pass it all over your body, starting with the head and ending at the feet, it is like a stripping of all kinds of negative energies.

Remember that the main ingredient in this work in the name of the Virgin of Regla and Yemayá is, above all, faith, put a lot of Faith in it.

Learn more about Yemayá and the little virgin:

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