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Offering to Oshún in the river with sunflowers to open paths

Offering to Oshún in the river

Oshun, Orisha who is represented by love, feelings of tenderness, delicacy and passion. Owner of the river, gold, honey and sweetness.

This offering to Oshún will be made with great faith and love to open paths, to attract love, development, prosperity and abundance.

Today, this ritual of love is for her, so that she can talk about her problems and relieve discomfort to her body and soul.

The main ingredient in this work is the beautiful sunflower flower that, as well as looking for wherever it is to Olorun (the sun) will also seek the solution to our problem through Iyalorde.

The sunflower carries in itself a great spiritual meaning because it focuses on that bright light that comes from the sun and transmits good luck, happiness, strength, for some it is a great symbol of faith.

That faith, which should never be lacking in every ritual, bath, dispossession, offering or work, in reality it does not matter what it is called, the important thing is that they are made to honor and offer the Orisha and for our own development.

We as believers and religious must always seek that light and not be in darkness.


  • This ritual will be done in front of your Oshún, if he is crowned.
  • You can also do it on behalf of the Virgin of Charity of Copper, also beautiful and adored Patroness of Cuba.
  • Unfortunately if you do not have a river nearby you will not be able to carry out the work, since the offering is at the foot of the waters of Oshún.


Successful will be this ritual that our Queen Oshún falls in love with, gather all the elements beforehand so that she can perform it smoothly.

  • 1 yellow candle if it is to the Virgin of Charity, 2 would be for Oshún
  • 1 large white plate that is a little deep
  • 5 sunflowers
  • Cinnamon powder or else the cinnamon stick is crushed
  • A little of her perfume
  • Honey bee

How do I prepare the offering to Oshún?

  1. He will light his candle and so every day for a while while the work lasts.
  2. Sunflowers will have their stem cut (totally stemless).
  3. Put water in the dish.
  4. Deposit the 5 sunflowers as if they were floating on the plate.
  5. Then sprinkle the sunflowers with the cinnamon powder.
  6. It will add a touch of its perfume to each sunflower.
  7. And finally, add the honey over the top.
  8. After 5 days, he will take the work to the river and leave it there in Oshún.

Remember that the same plate can always be used, therefore when it is indicated that the work be left in a place it does not include the container, unless it is specified.

Something important is that as you incorporate each ingredient, you should give knowledge of what you are doing, that is, as if you were talking with a friend or indicating a cooking recipe.

Converse with the Orisha from the heart and with faith, so that the Saint is listening to what he is going to offer him and for what purpose, clarify his thoughts beforehand and have clarity and peace when he performs this spiritual work.

Blessings for you and that with this offering you achieve everything you want.

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