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Offering to Oshún for money, love and abundance with 3 elements

Offering to Oshún for money

Everything related to love and wealth is associated with the Yoruba Orisha Oshún, owner of the rivers and fresh waters, who with her honey catches and intoxicates the male Orishas.

She is a beautiful deity who possesses great seductive magic, and if you want to offer her something that she likes here I will show you, even if you want to seduce a love you can also solve with this ritual and if you want your home or business between abundance and money you can do it too.

Everything you ask Oshún with good will and faith, he will give it to you, but remember that asking is to focus on a single objective that is accurate and concise.

I tell you so that you do not think of making a large list, the requests must always be consistent.

It is a very simple but effective work, so with a lot of faith and love, get to work.


  • Roasted peanuts
  • Brown sugar
  • Honey
  • 2 candles
  • 5 cents

How do we prepare this addimú (offering) to Oshún?

  1. The peanuts must be toasted and already roasted and cold you must put it in a white plate, on top you add the brown sugar and a little honey.
  2. If you wish and you want to make a written and special request, you take a ribbon from a white sheet with your requests and put it on the plate and put the aforementioned on top.
  3. If it is only to offer and give thanks, do not put the role.
  4. You take the 2 candles and smear them with honey, light them and say this heartfelt prayer:

Short but powerful I pray to Oshún

Iyá Oshún here before you, is your daughter / o
asking for your blessing,
Mother of rivers and waterfalls,
Owner of the waters that carry away and wash our sufferings
Great queen of love
Your waters guard feelings that make our hearts feel alive with peace and compassion 
Beautiful woman owner of gold,
Open my ways and heed my pleas,
pour abundance on me and a lot of love (your request)
May your blessing always protect me.

What do we do next with the ritual?

You will have this offering for money and love to arrive in front of Oshún for 15 to 25 days.

  • Every Saturday añaput half a teaspoon of brown sugar and a teaspoon of honey on top of the plate.
  • At the end of that period, you must leave it in a river or where clean water springs, with 5 cents of right.
  • Every Saturday if you can, you light 2 candles and let them burn out, otherwise you use the first 2 candles of the ritual and you can light them only for a while every Saturday.

Remember that to this offering to Oshún for love, abundance and money you must put a lot of faith, humility and all your heart so that everything is given to you, blessings.

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