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Offering to Oshun for beauty How to attract her with rituals?

Offering to Oshun for beauty

Although later I recommend several offerings for the goddess to help you, I wonder... Is there a specific ritual to find beauty dedicated to our Yoruba Aphrodite Oshún? 

If Mother Oshún could advise us, she would surely say: "the best ritual is to love ourselves just as we are."«, and maybe you are tired of hearing or reading this, but it is a reality. Feeling ugly or insecure, apart from the fact that it will not solve any problem, is just a perception of our mind, the most important thing is to find the reason why we feel that way, is it because of someone else's contempt?, or is it contempt towards ourselves? Let's talk to Oshún, she will help us find the answer and feel more valued.

For this I recommend spread a little honey on yourself in the face and while you will look at yourself in Oshun's mirror, if you don't have this mirror try one you have at home, and while you look at yourself, connect with the energy of the goddess of beauty, you can light a yellow or white candle in his name, and ask her that just as she loves her children, your heart loves itself, ask her to help you in that which causes you sadness, and you will see how beauty and love of life will flood your heart, you can do this ritual as many times as you want  

Don't feel bad, we have all felt that way at some point and everything has a solution and in this case it is: «learn to love each other«When you do it you will realize that I am not telling a lie, Oshún sees the beauty in our hearts.

How will Oshun's magic and power help us? 

Recall that Oshun is the Orisha of beauty and love, She owns the rivers, springs and waterfalls, she is very beautiful, queen among queens, she is exuberant, she has pronounced hips, she is sensual, seductive, all the male Orishas turn to see her pass by. She is also a warrior and a vigilante in the Yoruba Pantheon, and since she is a generous mother with her children and devotees, whenever we need it, she will intercede for us.

Oshun was also looked at badly and outraged. At one point in her life, she was very poor and everyone laughed at her, and thanks to her strength today she is loved as our Yoruba Venus. Like her, you too must be strong!

Offerings and rituals dedicated to Oshún to attract beauty

Some offerings and gifts that you can give to Oshun to help you trust yourself both inside and outside: 

  • Honey: You can take baths with river water, honey and cinnamon. You must rub your entire body and make it soft, while you ask for what you long for. 
  • Pumpkin: Spread honey on a small pumpkin and pass it all over the body to cleanse and purify our energy, that will cause us to have good luck in love and life. 
  • Dessert thin with a little honey and cinnamon on top of them. 
  • Almonds oil with honey, cinnamon and perfume. 
  • Flour (XNUMXg) corn, river water and honey. 
  • Sunflowers bouquet: you can place it in the home or business as an ornament in the center of the table (put a little honey in the center of each sunflower).
  • Beer with river water and honey. 
  • Soaps honey, cinnamon, almonds. 
  • river water baths, parsley, honey and cinnamon. 
  • prepared powders with cinnamon, crushed almonds and a little essence of perfumes. 
  • spread honey in the face and look in Oshún's mirror begging for what you want to achieve. 
  • Candles yellow or gold smeared with honey lit in his name. 

Some tips that will help you in the rituals 

If you love Oshun and truly believe in her, by connecting with her essence, she will make you look much prettier / or both inside and out. Oshun is very loving with her children and believes in their strength, will and love. She doesn't like to see her children depressed about her, much less feel bad for others, you must be happy and calm when you make offers.  

A Oshun likes that everything you can offer her is beautiful. and that it glimpses, that is why it is necessary that you do not forget the small details of beauty when offering them to them.


  • faith is very important. Speak to him sweetly and with lots of love. 
  • Do the spiritual baths in a quiet environment, you can put incense and music. 
  • The candles they must be lit at the time of your bath, I recommend yellow, gold or white candles. 
  • river water It is necessary for its great power of connection with the goddess. If you don't have a river nearby, try to get it at some point. 
  • The baths with the different ingredients you can make them directly in a river. 
  • Be very careful when going to the rivers without company, almost all the rivers are far away. 
  • All these offerings offer a great power of internal and external attraction.  

I just wish you don't give up on your goals and you feel beautiful / or both outside and inside. May Oshun strengthen you because we all have a special beauty, a unique light.

However Apart from these religious advice, I would like you to listen to my advice., and work on self-love, always putting faith in the Yoruba goddess, but also in your potential, in the power and gift that was given to you in this life, because yes, we all have a great gift, that of being unique and unrepeatable

How can we gain self love? 5 Tips

When we have low self-esteem, we do not want, nor do we accept or value our qualities, we simply we don't see ourselves as we really are, unique and special. It is even possible that on a social level we stop going to events, we do not try to do new things or face challenges for fear of not achieving them, but do not worry, the good news is that the solution is within us.  

1. If you don't meet your goals, appreciate the teaching

Sometimes not achieving long-awaited goals can lead us to feel dissatisfied and to feel that we are useless, but this will not happen if we we value more, we learn and appreciate the failures as part of life and the process to make us wiser.  

2. Face your fears with courage

When fear appears, don't ignore it, don't cut it off, don't push it away, pretending it doesn't exist, just face it and then walk away from it, that fear does not belong to you.

It is crucial to understand that we are not what we believe and that when we think about something it does not mean that it will happen. Our mind loves to explode with negative thoughts and our job is to stop identifying with them, so they will lose all their strength. 

3. Appreciate what you have today

To feel better when we're a little sad, let's stop constantly thinking about ourselves and our discomfort.

Thinking about our problems does not favor us, it will only make our situation worse, better be thankful and think about all the positive things that this situation has given you, there is always something good in everything.  

4. You are your priority, do things you like

The feelings of well-being arise when we connect body, mind and emotions. For this reason, we have to be encouraged and do those tasks that allow us to reach a positive state in the three areas to achieve that personal prosperity, is to enhance our vital energy.

To find what we want, you must first give yourself love and not try to please others. Discover what you like, and always be your priority, if you are fine, everything will be fine.

5. Surround yourself with good energy

The people who are around us all the time have a lot to do with our self-esteem, therefore, if you surround yourself with toxic people you will never look good

We have to know how to differentiate people that steals our energy from those who want good for us and help us to achieve everything we want.

But I'm curious about this question: 

Why do we humans seek beauty with such longing? 

I think we seek beauty to feel better, reduce sorrows, expand our inner world, to gain confidence, find peace and boost our joys. That is why some people ask if there is a ritual, a spell to find beauty, because they feel unhappy not finding a partner, a friend, a job, that is, they feel bad for not finding people who show them affection. or understanding they need. 

But… To what extent does our image influence the opinion that others have of us? Should this matter to us?

The opinion of the beautiful changes in each human being and in each culture, for this reason some give more importance to the exterior or the interior. Therefore, when a person falls in love with his way of being and living, he is capable of seeing life as beautiful on the outside as well. 

Careful! When your perception of your own beauty is rooted in your exterior, your mind can be as fragile as that same beauty, it depends on you.

Inner beauty greatly influences the exterior and not only in our relationships with others, but also in our security and self-esteem, no matter what others thinkWhat we think is what really matters.

When a person shows self-confidence, others tend to value him more and see how this person projects himself. Security makes you look for an image of yourself and work to achieve it. 
Confident people are trained to calculate that their beauty goes beyond their genetic heritage. 

Ashé for you beautiful and beautiful, blessed by Oshún, because I am sure that if you are reading it is that you trust in his love and mercy. Blessings.

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