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Cleaning at the foot of Osun for our health, stability and firmness

Offering to Osun

A very effective and beautiful work at the foot of Osun, the messenger of Olofin and Obatala.

Osun belongs to the group of warrior Orishas together with Eleguá, Oggún and Oshosi the owners of the mountain, it symbolizes life, it is the tireless guardian of our heads.

This work takes a lot of faith, will and heart. It brings affordable ingredients so that believers can do it without stumbling, most of these elements we always usually have at home.

Offering to Osun so that he may bless us with health and give us development:

Representation of Osun

When doing this work above all we must do it with care so that Osun does not fall and do it with tranquility and a lot of peace.

Remember that in the Yoruba religion if Osun se cae alone, its owner may be haunted by death, hexes or osogbos.


  • White Paper and Graphite Pencil
  • White plate
  • White square scarf
  • Cocoa butter
  • Eggs for meringue
  • Cascarilla
  • 1 white candle 
  • 8 cents

How to prepare step by step this cleansing on behalf of Osun? 

Serve Osun
  1. First you take a strip of white paper and on it you put your name and surname with graphite pencil.
  2. You take the white plate and on top of it in the center you place the paper with your name facing up.
  3. Then you smear cocoa butter on the white handkerchief.
  4. You make meringue with the eggs, use the amount of eggs you want, the more you use, your tower of meringue will be larger.
  5. When you finish your meringue, you place it on the white plate on top of the paper, in the shape of a tower.
  6. And on that tower you sprinkle bits of cocoa butter and cascarilla. 
  7. You light the candle, ask Osun for your blessing and cover it with the white handkerchief and over that handkerchief you spread cascarilla.
  8. You give Osun knowledge by saying:

Here is your daughter / o (you say your name) doing this work so that you can raise my health, my stability and my firmness. Free me from dangers and diseases.

Thanks Osun!

You will have this work on for 8 days in a row lighting that candle every day.

Clearing everything bad from our body and spirit:

At 8 days you clean yourself with the white scarf that covers Osun starting with the head and ending at the feet and you take it with 8 cents to the mountain.aña or to a hill, so that everything bad that you may have in your body and mind remains there.

With that meringue that has remained, you will take a bath from the shoulders down, always with a lot of faith and love. Blessings and may the guardian Osun bring you much health and well-being.

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