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What fruit can we offer to Oyá to overcome enemies and difficulties?

offering to Oyá in the cemetery

Oyá is the Orisha that provides the energy for hurricane winds and storms to manifest, her power habita at the gate of cemeteries and in the world of the dead. His character is impulsive and angry, capable of dominating the winds.

She is an impetuous, brave warrior and defender of her children, she is not afraid of anything and is always ready to fight battles.

If you ask him with love and respect, he will always be ready to help you, because he does not tolerate injustice and evil.

Her works usually always go to the cemetery because it is where she lives, unless in special cases or that for a reason understandable to her, you cannot go and leave her offering.

offering to Oyá to be deposited in the cemetery

offering to Oyá with papaya
Papaya Fruit or Bomb Fruit

La Frutabomba or papaya It is a delicious fruit, possessing many digestive, nutritional and medicinal properties.

The owner of this exquisite fruit is Oyá and loves to get it as an offering.

It is a fruit that has protective powers and is effective when used in works to attract and strengthen love, overcome enemies and obstacles.


  • 1 Bomb fruit neither so green nor so ripe, that is, on average
  • 2 white candles
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 white plate
  • 9 small flags of 9 different colors except black
  • Stick Winner or Win Battles for the flag
  • Keel or white kerchief
  • 9 cents
  • Cascarilla

How to make the offering to the warrior Oyá Yansa?

offering to Oyá with colored flags
  1. You wash the bomb fruit and dry it with a clean cloth. Keep in mind when buying it that it is a healthy and beautiful fruit.
  2. You light the 2 candles in front of Oyá, if you do not have it crowned, you can still do it and deposit the work on the ground or on top.
  3. Then you rub the bomb fruit with corojo butter, put it on the plate and say:

Oyá powerful
Impetuous and revered mother
Offering you your favorite fruit
To give you thanks and that you overcome my difficulties
and battles my enemies visible and invisible
Thank you mother for so many blessings

The flags can be made at home, with paper or fabric, you can give it the shape you want. Remember that you must choose several colors except black.

You will make the flagpole or base of the flags as a victorious stick, so that the goddess of the spark can help us overcome obstacles. The flags are going to be nailed, each one, in the upper part of the fruit, that is, in the crown (part where it is attached to the tree).

You will have this offering for 9 days, each day you will say the same prayer and light the candles for a while, preferably at the same time. Moment of the day that you can dedicate to talk with the saint.

When the 9 days are over, you will go to the cemetery gate with a white handkerchief on your head as protection and there you will deposit your work.

Wipe yourself off with the 9 cents and leave it right there, then walk away and don't look back.

When you get home you will take a bath with cascarillaYou will repeat this ritual for 3 days in a row to cleanse and purify you of bad energies, enemies and obstacles.

I hope that Oyá listen to you as you have always listened to me! Blessings.

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