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Offering to Saint Lazarus to obtain employment and attract abundance

Offering to Saint Lazarus

Today I leave you a work in the name of San Lázaro Bendito, our adored and venerated old man who relieves our corporal and spiritual pains and gives us development.

We come to him with hardships, worries, and any issue present in our life is capable of solving it.

With this work we implore Saint Lazarus for a "job" (never say "work") so fundamental in our lives in these times, to attract abundance and prosperity.

Before asking Old Lazarus it is better to thank him for what he does for you, for being loving, guiding you and blessing you. By starting this way, you show them that they are more than someone you only ask for things from.

This work takes on your part dedication and all your heart, also that you have defined your goal, remember to make your order consistently.

Ingredients for the Work:

  • Image of Saint Lazarus
  • 1 white plate
  • Cotton
  • 17 coins of any denomination
  • Handful of Lentils
  • Handle of Rice
  • 1 ear of corn
  • Purple or white candle
  • 1 Incense that can be made of roses, lavender, cherries, sandalwood or cinnamon.


  1. First of all, you should wash the corn with plain water.
  1. He will put a damp cotton ball on the plate and on top of that cotton he will place the 17 coins, then a handful of lentils and a handful of rice.
  1. On top of all these elements the ear of corn will go, therefore, it will do so in such a way that both the 17 coins, as well as the lentils and rice are under that ear.
  1. Having everything ready, he will light his purple or white candle at the foot of an image of Saint Lazarus.
  1. You take a little water and you will sprinkle that corn with your hand and at the same time you will say:
San Lázaro Blessed I turn to your help with this blessed work, as this corn, rice and lentils grow, my income also grows and may I never lack a job to bring home the daily sustenance.
  1. He will take his chosen incense and light it, he will pass it around the corn 17 times, so that its essence attracts abundance, at the end he will deposit it near the corn.

Any of these incenses I mentioned earlier are potent in increasing abundance, attracting financial luck, and profit.


  • You will leave your work on until the corn grows, remember that this cotton must always be wet for your planting to flourish and so do you. You must take care of it and water it every day with a lot of love and faith.
  • When the planting is prosperous, he will take those coins, put them in a purple cloth or sack bag, and go to a church and give them to beggars.

If your corn does not grow and does not prosper you must take spiritual cleansing baths so that the roads are untangled and he will have to do the work again.

I hope that your sowing brings you development, a lot of Ashe and health.

Image of Saint Lazarus and prayer

Use this image and prayers to ask Old Lazarus for mercy, remember to do so with great faith and humility.

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