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How to thank Yemayá? A beautiful offering at home with corn

Offering to Yemayá at home

Yemayá is not in vain the mother of the world, the universal womb, the warrior who defends and suckles her children with abundance and luck in life, this powerful orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon today we invoke.

Remember that you offer and thank yourself first before asking, then you talk to the beautiful Yemayá about the problem you want to solve.

Whatever your problem, you will solve it if with a lot of faith and love you speak to Iya Yemayá, the mistress of the seas and universal mother, righteous and loving, the one who listens to all her children and devotees with love.

This Addimú or offering will be to the pleasure of the Orisha, owner of the immensity of all waters, have confidence in this ritual.

Even without having received it, you can do this work and offer it with all the love of your heart.


  • 1 basin or large container
  • 7 ears of corn
  • White sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Indigo
  • 7 cents
  • 2 candles

Addimú to offer as thanks How to make this Offering to Yemayá at home?

  1. In the basin or container you place the 7 ears of corn, add water, but only a little.

The objective of this offering is to plant corn at the foot of Yemayá.

For the sowing to take place, you must always be careful that it does not lack water, but you cannot put too much in it because then it rots.

Corn is synonymous de fertility, solvency and prosperity, so as your planting grows, so will your life grow.

  1. Then you must sprinkle a very small pinch of indigo in the water so that it becomes bluish, but very light.
  2. After adding the indigo, top each ear with 1 teaspoon of white sugar and then add a small teaspoon of brown sugar on top of the white.
  3. Then you put in the water 7 cents of the denomination of the country in which you live, if they are copper colored much better.
  4. You put that Addimú at the foot of Yemayá, light the 2 candles, ask for your blessing, and you realize what you are offering.

How long should we stop planting?

We will leave this offering to Yemayá at home while it is prosperous.

In other words, the planting will be left for the period of time that it is growing and before that planting begins to decline or become ugly, because you will take it to the sea or to the mountains and you will leave it there.

May the blessing of Iyá Yemayá always cover and protect you. Blessings for you.

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