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Do you know this Offering to Yemayá to get Pregnant? Beautiful ritual

Offering to Yemayá to get pregnant

Yemayá in the Yoruba Pantheon She is a great mother above all things, the goddess who protects the world with her powerful belly, and who dances on the surface of the sea, taking away all the bad things of the universe.

As a mother and a warrior, we invoke the orisha of the salty waters to help all those who wish to bring a new life to the world.

To have faith in Yemayá is to trust one of the greatest powers that exists in divinity, that is why I always say that whoever trusts in her has already won the battle.

This work can be done so that fertility arrives and that great desire to get pregnant comes true, put faith and love, and just as the waves of the sea reach the shore, that request will come into your life.


  • 1 Watermelon (one of the orisha's favorite fruits)
  • Kraft paper or cartridge paper and a graphite pencil
  • molasses of caña
  • 2 candles
  • Blue cloth or blue ribbons
  • 7 pennies

A powerful Offering (adimú) to Yemayá to have a child

  1. First take a beautiful watermelon that is not battered and open it at the top as if it had a lid.
  2. Then you are going to empty the fruit a little in the center and inside you are going to place a paper where the order is written 7 times.
  3. Then you must pour molasses inside caña until you fill that opening and then you must seal the upper part with candle sperm.
  4. With much faith and love, giving the orisha knowledge of this ritual, invoke her with your thought and with a prayer if you wish.

Short prayer to Yemayá to ask for fertility

Orisha Yemayá here is your daughter (say your name) before you asking for your blessing.
Mother owner of the seas who provide everyone with protection.
Help me to save my body and my mind, cleanse me with your sacred, blessed and great waters to achieve that a new life is born within me that will be your child according to your will, even if I am a great mother of the Yemayá universe.

May I possess your strength and grow healthy, give me energy to endure everything.

May my request reach your feet with love and faith. Maferefún mother Yemayá.

A work that lasts 7 days and is taken to the sea:

  • Once this work is ready, it is placed in front of the representation of Yemayá and after 7 days it must be taken to the sea (it must be at sea to be effective).
  • To deliver the offering at sea, you must wrap the watermelon in a blue cloth or wrap blue ribbons around it.
  • In front of its waters, he must touch the maracas to the blue goddess, and leave the work with 7 cents.
  • Then you should pour some honey on your belly and rub the sea water on your belly while asking for the blessing you want.
  • If you want to repeat this ritual every month you can do it until you get pregnant. 

Remember that this Offering to Yemayá to get pregnant must be offered with love and faith in the Yoruba mother goddess. Maferefún the mother of the world.

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